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Waleed Aly opens up about his son’s autism

The Project star Waleed Aly reveals, “He’s just coming on in leaps and bounds.”

The television host is known for his extensive knowledge and passion for sharing his views when it comes to the world’s big issues, but the one thing Waleed Aly has never opened up about was his son Zayd’s autism.
That is, until now.
In a new interview with TV Week, the father-of-two got candid about his son’s diagnosis.
Affectionately describing his boy as a “lovely little man”, the Gold Logie winner tells the publication that thanks to an early 2011 diagnosis, his nine-year-old is making excellent progress.
“Because of the early diagnosis, he was able to get the support he needed. He's just coming on in leaps and bounds.”
“It’s lovely watching him grow through all these things,” he added.
The doting dad always puts his kids first.
Speaking of his and his wife Susan Carland’s choice to remain tight-lipped, the popular television personality winner: “I’d decided I wasn’t going to talk publicly about it, partly because I thought it’s his call.”
“But I had a really good chat to Susan, and we spoke about whether it would be a good thing for us to do. And this was before I was on The Project.”
Following a feature segment on the Channel Ten show, Waleed decided that “the seal was broken” and went on shortly after to write an opinion piece with the Sydney Morning Herald against the anti-vaccination movement, describing himself as “the father of an autistic son."
"Crazy hair day at school!" Mum Susan Carland captioned this sweet pic of their son.
It was a big moment for the doting dad and his wife of 14 years, who rarely show aspects of their private life to the public.
The low-key couple married in 2002, and remain one of Australia’s most admirable pairs.
Just last week, upon winning his first gold Logie, Waleed thanked his adoring wife in the most touching way.
"She's a seriously a huge source of support for me but she's so much more than that - a challenge, a provocation and an inspiration," he said.
"It's a privilege to be able to share my life with you so thank you very much."
Waleed and Susan share children Aisha, 13, and Zayd, nine.
See Waleed's sweet acceptance speech in the video player below!
"She’s sharper, wittier, funnier and infinitely more charming and likeable and I’m really glad she doesn’t have my job because otherwise I’d definitely wouldn’t have it." Waleed is besotted with his darling wife.

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