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The OTHER British royal family! What The Beckhams are doing Down Under

As if we couldn’t get enough of the royals with Harry and Meghan…

By Ruth Devine
There are royals who are born into a veritable vat of blue bloodedness, those who marry into the monarchy (hello Kate, Meghan, Camilla to name but three) and then those who become quasi-royal by stint of hard work, some choice headlines and a whole lot of fame. Not to mention money. Mustn't forget the money.
Brand Beckham fall into the latter camp. Victoria may have worn a crown at her wedding to David in 1999 but that hasn't stopped her from becoming Queen Bee in the fashion world with her eponymous clothing line VB, while David is just well, David. An all-round good guy, Unicef ambassador, dedicated father to the Beckham's brood of four – and mighty fine in a pair of white undies.
Victoria looking slightly pained at having to swap from heels to flats to enjoy the Aussie bush. (Image: Getty Images)
And now Britain's other royal family have trailed after the real royals Down Under. Here for the Invictus Games, they're keeping it low key while making the most of what Australia has to offer.
Monday saw the glamorous posse head to Glenworth Valley Outdoors Adventures on the NSW Central Coast for some back-to-nature fun.
Victoria swapped her stilettoes for some trainers (at least we hope by all that is holy that she did) in order to join David and three of the Beckham brood for abseiling, quad biking and feeding the outdoor recreation centre's Spring foals.

And judging by the flurry of Instagram posts by the Glenworth team, there was much excitement to be had.
"Our team certainly enjoyed hosting the Beckhams," read one post. "The family were incredibly down-to-earth, friendly and appreciative and all thoroughly enjoyed their day with us."
Meanwhile, one lucky Glenworth staff member, Lauren Funnell, managed to get selfies with both Victoria and David. Her blood pressure must have been at an all-time high as she kept the caps lock on when posting a pic. "POSH SPICE WAS ALSO AT GLENWORTH VALLEY, A FREAKING SPICE GIRL WAS AT MY PLACE OF WORK AND DO YOU THINK I HELD MYSELF TOGETHER?! I MOST CERTAINLY DID NOT!!"
To be fair, we wouldn't have held ourselves together either, Lauren.

David looked a little nervy as he prepared to abseil but was all smiles with his younger boys, Romeo and Cruz, later on that day.
Braced and ready to go, David smiles nervously. (Image: Instagram)
David with his Beckham boys. (Image: Instagram)
After all that fresh air, Tuesday morning saw the Beckhams chow down at a Wahroonga café, The Butcher's Block on Sydney's North Shore.
Speculation was rife that Victoria did not have a Snickers milkshake.

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Who knows what today will bring? Casually strolling through Darling Harbour with a copy of November's Vogue under their arm? (It features VB celebrating 10 years of her fashion line on the cover). A visit to Paddy's Markets? Pelican feeding at The Entrance? Well, none of these actually. For the Beckham camp split into two with today's activities.
Dad David took Romeo and Cruz to follow in Prince Harry and ScoMo's footsteps by climbing the Harbour Bridge this morning.

While Victoria gave the idea of getting windswept a miss and opted for a pampering session with seven-year-old daughter, Harper instead. The proud mum posting on Instagram an adorable snap with the caption, "Girls day out in Sydney!"

The family's bid to have what passes as a relatively normal holiday is really no surprise considering this trip comes hot on the heels of speculation on the state of the power couple's marriage with Victoria reportedly in tears after David admitted on Ten's The Sunday Project that their marriage was "hard work" and "complicated", plus news of a raid on the Beckham's country pile in Oxfordshire and Victoria escaping to Germany for a 'wellness retreat'.

No wonder they needed to go bush. There's not much time spent in the great Australian outdoors can't cure (except a fear of snakes and spiders). Here's hoping the rest of the Beckhams' Aussie trip gives them the family time they so desperately need.

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