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EXCLUSIVE: Tiger Lily Hutchence has a boyfriend! Meet her new man

The late Michael Hutchence's look-alike daughter is revelling in her summer romance with a cheeky British lad.

In full view of other beachgoers, Tigerlily Hutchence throws her arms around her male companion and showers him with kisses.
It’s clear – the 19-year-old is in love, and she doesn’t care who knows it.
Tiger isn't afraid of PDA!
In our world-exclusive pictures, the teenager couldn’t have appeared more blissfully happy if she tried.
She’s on holiday with her extended family following her adoptive dad Sir Bob Geldof’s wedding in the South of France.
Among the other guests is Sarah, Duchess of York, Hollywood star Demi Moore, business mogul Sir Richard Branson, and former supermodel Jerry Hall.
But throughout their relaxing beach break, Tiger – whose startling resemblance to her late dad, INXS rocker Michael Hutchence appears to grow every day - only had eyes for one other partygoer, her boyfriend, who we can reveal is British student Charlie Creseatian.
Tiger's new boyfriend is a fun-loving British bloke.
Their romance blossomed after they met in July, and has already been welcomed into Bob’s most modern of families as Tiger’s boyfriend.
Also on the intimate getaway were Tiger’s half-sisters Fifi and Pixie – with whom she shares late mum Paula Yates, who died three years after Michael in her London home in 2000.
Baby Tiger with her parents Paula and Michael, plus an Aussie radio host.
Tingeing the happy holiday with sadness is the fact that their fourth sister Peaches, who tragically died in April last year, is no longer with them.
However her widowed husband Thomas Cohen was seen visiting the clan with his sons Phaedra and Astala in tow – much to the delight of Tiger, who shares a special friendship with the three boys Peaches left behind.
Tiger Lily and Thomas have had a well documented friendship, but recent pictures published by British publication The Mirror taken of the pair on the beach after Sir Bob's wedding caused some speculation that the twosome were more than friends, however sources close to the family were quick to squash those rumours.
"Tiger Lily and Tom have become great mates and both keep an eye out for each other," a source told The Mirror, they also explained that the duo are "like bother and sister."
The paper also reporter that the 19-year-old's boyfriend Charlie is close mates with the Peaches widower.
"With everything that has gone on with the Geldof family over the last few years and the various tragedies, the end result has been that it has brought everyone much closer together."
When she isn’t frolicking on a beach in the South of France, Tiger lives in London with the Geldof clan, conveniently close to Charlie, who also calls England’s capital home.
The playful pair couldn't get enough of each other during their Mediterranean getaway.

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