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This is what The Princess Diaries star Erik von Detten looks like now

Your '00s teenage crush is all grown up!

Do you ever wonder what happened to your favourite child actors? Unlike Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes, not all former child stars live out their adult lives one public scandal at a time.
In Erik von Detten's case, he grew up to be a hunky father-of-two.
Most famous for his role as Josh the jerk in The Princess Diaries alongside Anne Hathway, the former Disney star has also starred in Brink!, Bones and Toy Story 3.
All grown up! Erik is now a hunky father-of two.
Although he's kept a fairly low profile over the years, the 33-year-old actor emerged to attend the premiere of Adventures in Babysitting last Thursday.
Flashing his signature baby blue eyes, Erik posed on the red carpet with his look-alike children by his side.
Prepare to feel nostalgic with this clip of Erik and Anne in The Princess Diaries.

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