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Laura Byrne shares her old date cards from Matty J's season of The Bachelor

Well this is a little bit cute.

By Alex Lilly
It's been over a year since Matty J professed his love for Laura Byrne on The Bachelor Australia and they're taking the next step forward by moving in together.
In fact, while packing up her home in Sydney's Rushcutter's Bay in preparation, Laura shared a sweet reminder of her time on the show when she found her old date cards.
The jewellery designer shared the cards on her Instagram story, captioning them, "Packing up my house for the big move and just found our date cards...@matthewdavidjohnson, remember this?"
"Laura, I am really drawn to your creative side. Matty," the first date card reads.
Laura's second date card reads, "Laura, Do you believe your destiny is written in the stars? Let's see what the future holds for us. Matty."
The chemistry was instant for these two lovebirds and Laura even snagged the first single date of the series.
Her card read, "Laura, I am really drawn to your creative side. Matty."
On the date, the two drew portraits of each other, and let's just say Matty should stick to his day job. Though he was completely smitten from that moment.
Speaking to NW when he'd narrowed his choices to six girls, Matty said, "The chemistry Laura and 
I have, it hits me every time we're together. When I'm 
with her it feels so natural and 
I never want our dates to end. 
I knew she could be right for me the day after our first date – I simply couldn't fault it."
WATCH: Matty J and Laura's first single date together.
Laura and Matty also shared a romantic visit to the Sydney Observatory and her date card read, "Laura, Do you believe your destiny is written in the stars? Let's see what the future holds for us. Matty."
On the date, Matty and Laura had the opportunity to name a star in the sky, and landed on a combination of their names, "Mattaura." Along with her date card, Laura also kept their 'Name-A-Star' certificate from April 2017.
The rest, as they say, is history.
On the day of the 2018 Bachelor premiere, the couple are shacking up in Sydney's Bondi Beach and have even discussed starting a family in the next 12 months.
The couple are moving in together in Sydney's Bondi.
Speaking to OK! Magazine this year, Laura said, "He said, 'I chose you because I love you and I want to be with you.' And that made everything else go away. Things became really easy really quickly because we were so committed to being together and the rest of it, the fluff, the media, it wasn't important."
You never know, we could be seeing the future Mrs Honey Badger post her date cards this time next year.
At the 2018 TV WEEK Logie Awards, Matty J admitted that Nick "looks like a man in love," so watch this space.