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Sylvia Jeffreys reveals she was bullied by her athletics coach at high school

''I was once compared to a Clysdale horse.''

By Anita Lyons
WATCH ABOVE: Sylvia Jeffreys admitted during the above segment that she was bullied in high school
When you think of Sylvia Jeffreys, the only thing that comes to mind is simply stunning - inside and out.
However, on Tuesday, the TODAY host told a very surprising story about being bullied by her athletics coach in high school - one that told her she looked like a horse.
After a segment which showed a Christmas tree being delivered to the White House by a pair of Clysdale Horses, the 32-year-old admitted that she was once "compared to a Clysdale".
"That was my athletics coach," she explained to a horrified Karl Stefanovic and Georgie Gardner.
Karl Stefanovic and Georgie Gardner were horrified over Sylvia's story. (Source: NINE)
Sylvia Jeffreys tries to show that she has risen about the bullying from her teens. (Source: NINE)
"You should name and shame," Karl said, while Georgie tried to take the power away from the comment by responding: "It's a beautiful animal the Clydesdale though."
"Just not so graceful running up to the high jump bar," Sylvia said.
"I'm not sure about that," Karl then said. "The reference is just not cool."
Making light of it, but clearly still hurt, Sylvia then said: "It may have had something to do with my big hoofs."
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Georgie, deeply concerned by the comment could not take her eyes off Sylvia. "Well look at her now, look who's having the last laugh."
When referring to her "hoofs", Sylvia was talking about her size 42 feet in which she had only recently just opened up about in an interview with 9Honey.
According to the TV presenter, the size of her feet had caused some stress during the lead up to her wedding to husband, Peter Stefanovic.

There was no other pair. It was the last pair in a size 42 IN THE WORLD," she said.
Surrounded by their nearest and dearest, the couple tied the knot in an outdoor ceremony in the Kangaroo Valley in March this year, but it wasn't just her wedding shoes she had concerns with.
"Depending on the make, I am between a 42 and 43 in European sizing. On a good day, I'll squeeze into a 41 strappy sandal, with my toes hanging over the edge.
"But when it comes to a pointy pump, nothing smaller than a 12 US will fit. Therefore, shopping has been an endless source of frustration and disappointment ever since I was fitted for men's trainers as a fully grown 14-year-old."