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EXCLUSIVE: Spencer Pratt admits “I wasn’t invited to Brody Jenner's wedding!”

The Hills alum exclusively reveals why he and wife Heidi didn’t make the cut.

By OK! team
When Brody Jenner married long-term partner Kaitlynn Carter in Sumba Island, Indonesia on June 2, all eyes were not on the happy couple.
But on the guests, specifically those who weren't in attendance.
While Brody's dad, Caitlyn Jenner was nowhere to be seen, there was another prominent person in the DJs life that was a no show; Spencer Pratt.
Brody's former The Hills co-star and best friend and his wife, Heidi, were nowhere to be seen at the tropical nuptials.
"We weren't invited," Spencer, 34, reveals to OK! exclusively.

While he too was surprised to not be there for the big day – after the pair attended Brody's engagement party back in 2016 – Spencer has a theory for the missing invite.
"He [probably] knew I don't like long flights," he jokes.

Brody's made no comment regarding Spencer, however he has spoken out about his father's absence – which Caitlyn claims was due to a conflicting work event – and admits he was hurt.
"It was a big disappointment," Brody, 34, told People.
"Especially considering that she had known about the wedding for a year."

Spencer also shared his thoughts on Caitlyn skipping the wedding, confessing he too was equally confused by the situation.
It's no secret Spencer is not a fan of Caitlyn after calling her out last year."I didn't like Bruce. I was team Brody," he explained.
"Bruce is like the worst dad. He wouldn't even call Brody on his birthdays. And he lived in the Valley. It's not like, 'Oh, I'm in the Czech Republic and we don't have phones here today.' He was always bad as a human, from what I saw, being Brody's best friend."
With their friendship in a state of flux now, could a Hills reunion or reboot be the remedy? The father-of-one is officially on board! "I pray so!," he spills.
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