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Sophie Monk reveals she turned down a massive Hollywood role

Well we're glad she did, what would Love Island be without her?

By Alex Lilly
Sophie Monk has a pretty impressive resume compared to most of us. From her days in girl group, Bardot to her current hosting gig on Love Island, she's had some career highlights, but there's one role that could've made her a massive Hollywood star.
Speaking to Fitzy and Wippa on Nova's breakfast show, the former Bachelorette spilled that she turned down the role of Jade in the Hollywood blockbuster, The Hangover. Instead, Heather Graham snagged the role and Sophie went on to film the straight-to-DVD horror film, The Hills Run Red.
Could you imagine Sophie as Heather Graham's role in The Hangover?
"This movie I passed up The Hangover for, which was not genius at all, that move. No-one ever saw it. I was meant to be Heather Graham in The Hangover, but I decided to do this weird movie where I end up sleeping with my father, having a baby with him … it just got weird. It was a horror film. I was like, 'I smell an Oscar, I smell an Oscar', and guess what? I got nothing. I didn't even get residuals!"
"I went: This is ridiculous, this script. As if Mike Tyson would come out with this tattoo, and there's a baby in a closet? This doesn't even make sense. Makes much more sense to have sex with my dad in a film."
Though she did win the prestigious award of 'Best Naked Chick in a DVD'.
"Not even in a film, because it went straight to DVD. I was so proud! It's still with me today – it's the only award I'll ever need."
Then again, if Sophie did score such a massive role, we wouldn't have seen her on The Bachelorette or Love Island. Everything happens for a reason!