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High roller! Taylor Swift makes a million dollars PER DAY

She's just 25, but Taylor Swift is already set to become a billionaire before she's 30!

Taylor Swift might have a blank space, but it ain’t in her bank account!
The Shake It Off singer has been raking in the cash, with The Express reporting that the songstress is earning more than one million dollars – per DAY.
The newspaper reported this week that the 25-year-old singer has earned more than $317.8 million in 292 days since the beginning of 2015, or $1.08 million per day.
But Taylor doesn’t just have her best-selling album to thank for her sky-rocketing numbers. The singer’s fortune is also due to her merchandise, sold-out world tour (featuring a slew of famous on-stage guests), a handful of lucrative endorsements and her own clothing and perfume line.
The former country star’s stellar success comes after the singer switched up her singing style to be more pop-influenced, starting with her album 1989, which has sold more than 8.6 million worldwide copies worldwide.
Speaking to The Express, media analyst Mike Raia commented that Taylor is “untouchable”.
“Right now, Taylor is untouchable,” said the LA-based analyst, “She is so far ahead of everyone else in the industry that she has become not only a powerhouse entertainer but also an important mover and shaker on the commercial side of the music business.”
Other US-based financial experts who reviewed Taylor’s portfolio agreed that Taylor was likely to continue her high-earning streak and end the year way above her “million-per-day”, $365million target.
The experts even suggested that the Bad Blood singer might even reach billionaire status before she’s thirty!
Next off the block is Britain's mega-stars, One Direction.
But T-Swift isn’t the only crooner to be raking in the big bucks!
Boy-band sensation (with one of Taylor’s exes, no less), One Direction, are also on the top of their money making game.
Slightly behind Taylor in the ‘per-day’ figure, recent financial records released by their company, 1D Media, have revealed that the British singers made a cool $155.72 million in 2014, making their daily profits stack up to $426,790.62 per day – or $40,422 split between the boys.
But considering Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson have been on tour for nearly four years straight, their profits are not surprising!
“Cynics have always described 1D as Simon Cowell’s cash cow and, seeing these results, it’s not hard to see why,” a source told The Sun.“There’s no question bosses work the lads hard, but the financial rewards are astonishing,” said the source, “The band get very well paid, so they can hardly complain. They are easily [Cowell’s company] Syco’s biggest success story.”
And it doesn’t look like they’ll be slowing down any time soon!
The boys, who are all aged between 21 and 23, are set to release their fifth album, Made in the AM, on November, which will be their last before taking a (much needed) break in 2016.

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