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Shannen Doherty reveals her breast cancer has spread

The actress delivered the heartbreaking news in a very emotional television interview.

By Elizabeth Best
Devastating news for Shannen Doherty amid her battle with breast cancer.
The actress revealed that her cancer has spread in a heartbreaking interview with Entertainment Tonight.
Watch Shannen talk about her emotional journey and the moment she knew she had to shave her head in the video below. Post continues.
Shannen revealed she's frightened for her future in her sit-down interview.
"I had breast cancer that spread to the lymph nodes, and from one of my surgeries we discovered that some of the cancer cells might have actually gone out of the lymph nodes," the Charmed actress told ET.
"So for that reason, we are doing chemo, and then after chemo, I'll do radiation."
The news comes after the brave actress took to social media to unveil a series of photographs of her shaving her head.
“I didn’t want someone taking a picture of me coming out of the grocery store and going, ‘Oh god, look at her,'" the 45-year-old explained.
“I wanted to put it out there the way that it felt the best for me to put it out there.”
The actress shared the moment she shaved off her locks with family and friends, before posting it on social media.
Shannen also confessed that she’d had a single mastectomy back in May, and says getting fitted for a new bra was much harder than she’d imagined.
“It was traumatic and horrible, and I didn't think anything of it at the time, then my mom went with me and I broke down crying in the dressing room and ran out," she recalls, now able to laugh about it. "And then sat in the car crying."
Shannen is determined to stay public with her battle to help others who might also be fighting the disease and to raise awareness.
The 45-year-old says the bit that worries her most about her cancer battle is not knowing what’s going to happen.
"The unknown is always the scariest part," she confessed. "Is the chemo going to work? Is the radiation going to work? You know, am I going to have to go through this again, or am I going to get secondary cancer?"
“Everything else is manageable. Pain is manageable, you know living without a breast is manageable, it's the worry of your future and how your future is going to affect the people that you love."
See Shannen's raw, honest comments about her cancer diagnosis in the emotional clip below.

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