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Shane Warne settles those plastic surgery rumours

After years of speculation, Warnie has finally addressed the rumours.

On last night’s episode of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here, Shane Warne finally addressed those plastic surgery rumours, admitting that he has indeed used Botox.
The 45-year-old revealed that during his relationship with Liz Hurely, he shed a number of kilos – too much weight for his frame – and it didn’t look right.
So, he turned to botox and fillers.
"I was too tall to be that skinny. Everyone said, 'Look what Warne's done to his face, what's he done to his head. Lay off the botox, get rid of the facelifts, he's had fillers,'" he said.
"If I wanted to have some, I've got no issue, I'd say, if someone asked me, `yep I've had some'."
He also revealed during the episode that he and Hurely once spent around $18 million on an opulent English estate.
"When Elizabeth bought our house we bought this (80 hectare) house ... it had 13 bedrooms ... it had a dining room, lounge, sitting room, library and everything else as well," Warne said.
"When we moved out we had to sort something out because it was a lot of money for the house and everything ... it cost us eight or nine million pounds ... so she had to give me some."
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