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Shane Warne has no idea who Leigh Sales is

“Who’s that sorry?”

By Natalie Babic
She’s one of Australia’s most well-known and respected journalists but apparently, Leigh Sales isn’t famous enough for Shane Warne!
The cricket legend was chatting to Hughesy and Kate on Kiis FM yesterday when he admitted he had no idea who the 7.30 host was.
“Leigh Sales from the ABC tweeted this a couple of days ago,” said Kate Langroek.
“Who’s that sorry?” asked Warnie.
“Leigh Sales. She’s the host of the 7.30 report, a very well respected show right around the nation,” explained Dave Hughes.
Langbroek continued: “She tweeted this: ‘People often ask me who is the person I most want to interview for The 7:30 Report. The answer is Shane Warne. But it’s always a no’.”
Sounding genuinely surprised, Warnie replied, “Unless that’s gone through management, I’ve never actually had a request from her so I don’t know if that’s got lost along the line or what.”
“I don’t know who that is but I do like The 7:30 Report when I’ve watched it. If you guys think I should do it I’ll organise it then”.
The radio duo then called Sales to tell her the good news.
“I’m so stunned that Warnie thought 7:30 was a good show,” she responded, adding, “I totally forgive him for not knowing who I am”.
But it was how she ended the interview that had everyone laughing.
“Maybe I need to just get onto Tinder or something so I can make contact with Warnie, forget going through the managers and stuff. Let’s just break it down to me and Warnie.”

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