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EXCLUSIVE: Guy Sebastian's brother Chris says all the Sebastian wives are super close

''We all hang out a lot!''

By Woman's Day team
The Sebastian wives, the women who are married to The Voice coach Guy Sebastian and his three brothers Chris, Ollie and Jeremy, are all very close.
Despite Guy and Jules being embroiled in a nasty legal clash with their former manager, The Voice frontrunner and Guy's younger brother Chris tells Woman's Day that there's not much that can break the Sebastian family bond.
And with three brothers, three sisters-in-law, a darling wife, Natasha, an adorable new baby, Ava, and two proud-as-punch parents, it's easy to see why there's nothing or nobody that can wipe the smile of Chris' face.
Growing up the singer says it was Guy, 38, who taught him how to play cricket while his other brother Ollie helped with piano lessons.
Raising four boys, including the boys' other brother Jeremy, meant parents Ivan and Nellie had their hands full.
"The families we have all built and cultivated is the thing they are most proud of," Chris says of his mum and dad.
"They are beyond words, and I couldn't have asked for a better upbringing. Us brothers are so close because they taught us to be [and] we ended up with great women in our lives because we had an example of what one looked like."
Chris Sebastian and his wife Tash. Image: Instagram
Chris, Tash and their adorable rainbow baby Ava. Image: Instagram
And while having four women marry into the family might seem intense for some, Chris admits they couldn't be luckier.
"We have definitely gotten insanely lucky with our picks!" he says.
"Everyone but Jeremy and his wife Emma are here in Sydney, so we all hang out a lot! It definitely has a Modern Family vibe to it."
The four Sebastian women! (L-R) Mim Sebastian (who is married to Ollie), Natasha Sebastian, Emma Markowski (who is married to Jeremy) and Jules Sebastian. Image: Instagram
Tash, Emma and Jules enjoying some girl's time together. Image: Instagram
The four girls together. (L-R): Tash, Emma, Mim and Jules. Image: Instagram
Mim and Jules helping Tash celebrate the birth of her baby girl Ava at her baby shower. Image: Instagram
In 2018, Chris and his wife Tash were rocked by the devastating news that Tash had miscarried at the start of her second trimester.
In November that year, Tash was a bridesmaid at her friend's wedding and found out she was miscarrying the night before the big day.
Chris admits that they "discovered a new type of sadness that day since they'd been so excited about the pregnancy and told their family," but found solace by writing his song Soon.
"That song was a turnaround for me," Chris told WHO.
"I know that people have their own stories when it comes to miscarriage, but for me I put this unrealistic pressure on myself to be the man and not be upset or show emotion and I wish I didn't."
WATCH BELOW: Chris Sebastian makes his brother cry on The Voice. Story continues after video.
Chris admits that whilst he wanted to be a supportive role and be there for Tash, he wasn't able to process the news properly and was trying to be "the strong one", so he decided to write a song.
"I wanted it to be sad and for people to feel sadness and I tried that for about an hour, but nothing came out, so then I reversed it and started thinking about it a bit more positively," he explains.
"Honestly the song wrote itself – I know people say that and it sounds like a cop out, but realistically and truthfully speaking I don't remember writing those lyrics.
"I sat there and I was a mess on my studio floor and I wrote it down I reckon all within an hour which never happens for me. I go over lyrics so pedantically but this time it wasn't the case. For me, I think it fixed me, I think it gave me a bit more hope and I felt like I got a lot of healing from it."
Thankfully, in March this year the couple got their happy ending, when Tash gave birth to baby Ava.
Chris is a contestant on Team Kelly on The Voice this season, and is being mentored by coach Kelly Rowland.

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