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“She went out on top”: Samuel Johnson reveals his last moments with sister Connie

“I’m so proud of her. She did so good, didn’t she?”

By Candice Mehta-Culjak
Samuel Johnson has given his first interview since his sister Connie's death from breast cancer -- and it’s equal parts heartbreaking and inspiring.
Speaking on The Project, the interview -- which left the majority of the panel in tears -- followed a private funeral for Connie in Canberra.
“All things considered, I’m doing well. It was beautiful, just as she planned, it’s weird to use the word perfect for a funeral but it was,” he said.
The actor, who has appeared on the likes of television dramas The Secret Life Of Us and Rush, went on to assure viewers that Connie’s husband and children are faring well.
“Mike’s strong, he proved that today, he’s a good man,” he said, adding: “And those kids are covered. Don’t worry about those kids mate, they’ll be fine.”
Sam described how Connie “went out on top” after being awarded an Order of Australia Medal while in hospice care.
"We all know that trophies aren't what it's about but to have that recognition from the government of Australia, she was over the moon, it was great for all of us," he said.
“After that, we had about half an hour together of laughing and whatnot. She fell asleep and never woke up. She went out on top. She went out on the toppest of the top.”
He added: “I’m so proud of her. She did so good, didn’t she?”
The pair started the Love Your Sister project, and together raised more than $6 million for cancer research. Despite the staggering achievement, Sam told the news program that he was just getting started in his battle against the disease -- in fact, he's appointed himself Australia's “head of cancer vanquishment.”
“All the lessons are just coming quick and strong […] Really only in her absence that her lessons have become most profound.”
“I thought that our quest to raise $10 million was it. I thought my role now was to be the chief custodian of Connie’s legacy. I’ve realised now that if I think that, I haven’t learnt the lessons.”
“I’ve realised it’s not about $10 million, it’s about solving this problem we call cancer.”

Sam revealed that he’s launching a line of socks to raise money for the cause, taking inspiration from his sister’s nickname -- ‘Connie Cottonsocks.’ He said that that along with Carrie Bickmore’s Beanies 4 Brain Cancer, they’ll have the cancer conundrum covered from head to toe.
“Seeing as Carrie has the whole Beanie thing covered, we thought we'd bung out some 'Connie Cottonsocks' and try and cover this cancer conundrum from head to toe,” he wrote on Facebook. “Connie doesn't have any use for your sentiment now. If she wanted anyone to take anything from her life, it was to highlight the importance of medical research. And we all need socks right?”
WATCH: A look back on Connie's journey toward "cancer vanquishment." Post continues...
“In the name of my dear gone sister, I'm asking,” he continued. “Please buy some socks and then maybe we can share the absolute bejesus out of this post and turbocharge our push for a cure, so families need not continue to endure the baseless trauma that cancer so cruelly provides.”
“I want my sister back but seeing as that's not going to happen, I might as well sell some f*cking socks so that other families don't have to go through this pain.”
If you would like to donate to Connie’s charity in a bid to fund cancer research, visit the Love Your Sister website for more information.

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