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"I am comfortable in my body!" Sam Frost on shooting bikini scenes for Home and Away

The former Bachelor beauty will undoubtedly be a Summer babe!

By Chloe Lal
Soon Sam Frost will be making waves on everyone's favourite soap, Home and Away.
As she prepares for her time in Summer Bay, the 28-year-old admits she's a little concerned about what the role will entail... Some major bikini action.
Speaking of the confronting new environment, the actress mused, “I am comfortable in my body."

"But I’m quite shy about showing it."
She explained, "I’m not a person who actively shows my bikini body on social media, for example, but I’m just going to have to challenge myself and go, ‘All right, Sam, you’ve got to push through this barrier.'"
“It’s different to what people would assume but it is fun. It’s a lot of hard work and you have to be prepared and organised.”

Sam, who became a household name on the second season of The Bachelor, is currently wowing audiences on Hell's Kitchen Australia.
And she believes her time on TV has lead to this big moment.
“I’ve been putting in months of hard work,” the star confessed during a chat with TV Week.
“It’s like any industry or career – some people have different ways of getting there. I don’t know why people are so quick to judge a person’s path to get where they are.”
Sam Frost is determined to nail her debut drama appearance on Home And Away.
Sam plans to use her on-screen experience to her advantage.
“I’ve been working on TV sets for four years,” she quipped. “In every one of those situations, I’ve had to be vulnerable, open and pretend there aren’t 100 crew members around."
“That’s a skill I’ve learnt – I definitely think it’ll help with Home And Away.”

Meanwhile, personally Sam has never been happier.
She recently confirmed she's dating navy diver Dave Bashford.
Speaking to the Telegraph, she expressed how she's doing this differently compared to her boyfriend-of-18-months Sasha Mielczarek.
"'I like us being a bit more private," she mused.
Speaking of their eventual red carpet debut, she said, "'I think he (Dave) would be quite shy, understandably, and I like us being a bit more private."