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Actress Rose McGowen claims she was raped by a studio executive

She made the allegations in a series of tweets.

In a series of explosive tweets, actress Rose McGowan claims she was raped by a studio executive but the matter was swept under the rug by the movie industry and she was cautioned not to take it further.
It’s not known when the alleged incident took place and who else it involved however, in light of the recent sexual assault allegations which have been made by multiple women against Donald Trump, McGowen decided now was the time to use her own story to take a stand.
Many have questioned why the women accusing Trump have not come forward until now, sparking the hashtag #WhyWomenDontReport to trend on twitter. Tweeting as part of the conversation, McGowen weighed in explaining the reasons why she didn’t end up taking the matter further at the time. These ranged from being told she did not have a leg to stand on because she had performed a sex scene in a movie, to being made to feel ashamed for coming forward.
Also, due to business plans with the rapist, she was unable to take the case further without it impacting her career.
McGowen has been actively against Trump’s campaign, featuring in a video which outlines the derogatory statements he has made against women and urging people to vote against him come election day.
Watch: Rose McGowan urges women to vote against Trump.

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