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“Gorgeous, kind, funny, smart”: Rob Mills pens heartfelt tribute to ABC presenter girlfriend Georgie Tunny


By Maddison Hockey
They may be one of television's more low-key couples but they are also arguably one of the sweetest.
Over the weekend Neighbours star Rob Mills and ABC presenter Georgie Tunny proved that fact once again.
As the news presenter celebrated her 30th birthday, Rob shared a glowing tribute with a number of adorable photos to match.
"This one turns 30 today. Happy birthday my gorgeous, kind, funny, smart, talented Tunny. You've packed so much in already. I can't wait to see what's next... shall we?" Rob wrote alongside the series of snaps.

The post was flooded with birthday wishes from fans and fellow TV stars including Sunrise's Sam Mac.
"Happy birthday beautiful lady!!! You really are Tun in a million 😐x" he commented.
One fan couldn't help but ask if Rob was about to propose.
"Happy bday georgie. Shall we? Was that a proposal??🤣" they quizzed.
Fans can't wait to see these two take the next step. (Instagram)
Rob and Georgie have been happily dating since 2018 when they first connected in a somewhat unusual but very modern way.
"I had been living the single life and going on lots of horrible Tinder dates. Then one morning in 2018 I flicked on the television to ABC News Breakfast and went "Who is that?!" She was beautiful and articulate. I needed to know her," Rob told the Sydney Morning Herald.
"I Googled "Who is the new ABC sports presenter?", and Georgie's name came up. I sent her a direct message on Instagram, which opened with, "I promise I'm not crazy"."
The rest, as they say, is history.
Seriously, how cute are these two?! (Instagram)
It's clear Rob is completely enamoured with Georgie, (it's not hard to see why) but the former Australian Idol star says the feeling is mutual.
Speaking to Now To Love he credited that mutual adoration as the key to their success.
"I read somewhere once that if both people think that they're batting above their average, the relationship is in a good place.
I think she's just a sensational human being. She's funny, a lot smarter than me, she inspires me with her work ethic and who she is as a human. I think we worked because we talk and we talk a lot about what works, what doesn't work for us, the monthly reviews [laughs]."

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