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The Block’s Suzi Taylor insists she had a fling with Richard Wilkins

Rumours of their romance began last year, but he always denied them. Now, she’s apparently setting the record straight!

Suzi and Richard Wilkins

If you ask Suzi, she insists that she shared a hot and heavy romance with Australia’s king of entertainment journalism in the final months of 2015.

If you ask Richard, you’ll get radio silence – at least this time.

Suzi during Melbourne's Spring Racing Carnival.
Suzi during Melbourne's Spring Racing Carnival.

Rumours of the pair hooking up began to circulate late last year, when Richard issued two emphatic denials.

“I am not romantically involved with Suzi from *The Block,” said the 61-year-old at the time.

Channel Nine also threw their official line into the mix, declaring, “Richard Wilkins and Suzi are not and have never been in a romantic relationship.”

Even Suzi, 44, declared they were just friends, describing Richard as her mentor.

But now, after apparently being dumped unceremoniously by Richard, Suzi has decided to kiss and tell in an interview with News Limited.

“We were at the Channel Nine Telethon when we first connected,” the Queenslander says.

“From there, I would go to Sydney to see him. He gave me access to his house and I would be there in my underwear waiting for him when he got home from work.”

According to her, Richard split up with her over the phone around the time it was revealed that she had collapsed on set of The Block and was later admitted tor rehab.

At the time, Suzi told Woman’s Day that she “had a lot of personal issues” .

Richard is so far yet to comment on Suzi’s claims.

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