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Preach papa! Richard Wilkins praises his son in light of the yes vote

Seeing this side of the entertainment guru is the sort of thing that makes you believe in humanity again.

By Chloe Lal
We all rejoiced over the majority of Australians voting YES to marriage equality.
Joining the legions of national stars to voice their elation was the Today show's entertainment presenter Richard Wilkins.
We're used to Dickie interviewing our favourite celebrities about their lives, but this morning the beloved identity turned the camera onto himself.
Addressing the entire country, Richard took a moment to praise his son, Christian Wilkins.

The 22-year-old has been a remarkable gay rights advocates - and Karl Stefanovic's co-host couldn't be prouder.
"Look. I just want to say something," Richard said, as he interrupted his usual segment.
"It was a significant day yesterday for Australia, which has of course resonated around the world - and it was also a very profound day for my family."
"My son Christian has been a passionate advocate for marriage equality."
"To see the joy and relief on his face yesterday made me very happy and extremely proud of my beautiful boy."
Before concluding, "It feels to me like we all grew up a little bit yesterday. I love you very much darling, very proud. Thank you."

Christian celebrated his dad's tribute by sharing it on his Instagram account.
He began the poignant post by penning, "What an amazing day yesterday was, I’ve never felt prouder to be an Aussie."
"I’m so lucky to have a family that love and support me but to all the kids out there who might not receive unconditional love know you are accepted, you are important and you are cared for."
Before adding, "Go Australia!"
Of course his proud dad was quick to comment, gushing, "Love you Darling ♥️."

Richard has five kids, Adam, Nicholas, Christian, Rebecca and Estella.
In the past, the 63-year-old has revealed his first-born son Adam, who has Down Syndrome, made him "suddenly grow up".The TV star was 18 at the time, recounting, "It was a 16-year-old girl who I didn’t know very well and she fell pregnant... so we got married of course."

^Richard with all his kids (L-R): Nicholas, Adam, Richard, Rebecca, Christian and Estella."I didn't quite know how to handle all that at the tender age of 18, but now I often refer to him as my rock,' Richard said.
"I don't know what would have happened to me if I hadn’t been forced to suddenly grow up at the age of 18," he admitted.
Richard wouldn't have it any other way, musing on his show that his kids are the "greatest thing" in his life.
And he has even more reason to smile as his new relationship with Virginia Burmeister continues to flourish.
Dickie and Virginia at the GQ Awards this week.