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Rebecca and Chris Judd expecting twins

Their family is growing from four to six!

What exciting news!
Rebecca and Chris Judd have announced they are expecting twins.
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The couple, who are already parents to Oscar, four and Billie, two, confirmed the news saying they are, “giddy with excitement but at the same time, we are really shocked.”
“We can’t quite believe it. We were weighing up whether to go for a third. We thought we would give it a try, and the first go we ended up having twins, which was so unexpected,” they told Herald Sun.
Rebecca revealed an initial eight week scan failed to detect the second baby and it was only when they undertook a routine follow-up scan that she discovered she was expecting twins.
“I could see one baby, and then I could see a blob. And my words to my obstetrician were, ‘What’s that blob?’
“There was a little bit of silence, and then he said, ‘That’s another kid.’
“I screamed. I got the shakes and I almost fainted.”
With their family growing from four to six, no doubt things are going to be hectic!
“We are really going to have to re-evaluate everything now: work, life, cars, house — everything. I think I might need a minivan,” Rebecca says.
“It will be loud, and it will be crazy.”
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