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Presenter Sarah Harris reveals troubled past

Television presenter and journalist Sarah Harris has spoken of her troublesome childhood and what it was like growing up in housing commission.

The 32-year-old co-host of Studio 10, who has forged a successful career on-screen, made headlines in April following an interview with Rosie Batty during which she spoke out in support of women who found it difficult to leave their domestic violence situations.
"As someone who has been very, very close to domestic violence, as a child and also as an adult ... unless you've been in it, it's really hard to understand," she said on the morning talk show.
Her statements sparked interest around the country but the witty blonde didn't elaborate on her past at the time.
In an interview with Sunday Life, Harris revealed just how difficult it was being raised by her single mum with limited financial support.
"Back then, Mt Druitt was no place for a single mother," Harris said. "There were people carrying sawn-off shotguns while Mum drove us to school. The school I went to had barbed wire and you couldn't play in the sandpit because there were junkies shooting up and leaving syringes around."
Harris also tells Fairfax Media about her friend who was trapped in an abusive relationship.
"I saw it up close, and it's not my story to tell, but the conversation shouldn't be about why don't women leave. The conversation should be why are men still doing this. It's not glamorous, and it's not pretty to talk about, so no one does."

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