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Home and Away's Orpheus Pledger has a new girlfriend and now they're Instagram official

Well there goes any chance we thought we had!

By Anita Lyons
If you were planning on "accidentally" bumping into Home and Away's Orpheus Pledger while out-and-about and convincing him to start dating you, we're about to burst your dream bubble of grandeur.
Because, taking to his Instagram over the weekend, the 26-year-old has revealed he is in a brand spanking new relationship with Instagram model, Bella Rogers.
In the series of photographs, the pair posed for some fun pictures in the Sydney sun.
In the first photo, the young couple cuddled up with Orpheus wrapping his arms around the stunning and giggly brunette.
In the second pic, and also uploaded to the same carousel, the actor stares out at a STUNNING Bondi Beach, while sitting close to his new love.
Orpheus and new girlfriend, Bella. (Source: Instagram/Orpheus Pledger)
Look at that STUNNING view! (Source: Instagram/Orpheus Pledger)
To shred any doubts that the couple are, well, an actual couple, the pair have been commenting on each other's photos for a week or so now.
"What a sexy looking boy!" Bella wrote on the newest post, with her new Beau writing back: "@bellarogers_ 🤩❤️".
And then, on another post shared by the actor, Bella wrote:
"My boy is beautiful," to which he replied, "aw thnx baby [sic]". Relationship stuff dreams are made of really...
Actor Orpheus Pledger and his new lady-love, Bella Rogers. (Source: Instagram/Orpheus Pledger/Bella Rogers)
Back in June this year, the shredded actor made headlines for a different reason - proving he was a hero on and off the small screen.
The star, who plays Dr Mason Morgan on the show, shared an incident that occurred in April this year, when he saw a suspicious looking man stalking a woman in inner-city Sydney at night.
"My gut instinct told me something was wrong," the actor told Sunrise at the time.
However things became more sinister when the man physically assaulted the woman, which is when Orpheus leaped into action.
"Out of nowhere made a run for her and assaulted her and decked her to the ground and in that moment all this adrenaline came in and I just kicked into action and I ran up to him and I was screaming and yelling at the top of my lungs, 'Stop, stop, stop' and I grabbed onto him and made sure that he got off her."
Orpheus was praised by a judge for intervening. (Source: Instagram/Orpheus Pledger)
And the Home and Away actor, who admitted he'd never been in a situation like that, stayed humble and said he had a split decision to call the police or take matters into his own hands.
"To keep it simple, I think I did what I'd hope most people would do in that situation."
"The way I'd been brought up, my core beliefs, I just did what I thought was right. I didn't think of the consequences in the moment because all I saw was a person that was being threatened and I just needed to do what I could to help."
"I'd do it again, absolutely."
During sentencing of the perpetrator, 28 year-old Justin Bird, the judge praised the young actor.
The judge said of the victim: "She was indeed fortunate to have Mr Pledger intervene."
"He is to be commended for … preventing any further ­injuries," the Daily Telegraph reported.