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JUST IN: Olivia Newton John shares cancer update with fans

The Grease star opens up about her stage 4 diagnosis.

By Rebecca Sullivan
Olivia Newton John has given fans an update on her cancer diagnosis, as she begins her third battle against the debilitating disease.
The 70-year-old has beaten the disease twice before, in 1992 and 2013, but it was revealed in 2017 that her breast cancer had metastasised to her back.
She now has Stage 4 cancer that has spread to her bones.
But the Grease star looked luminous and healthy this week on the red carpet in Los Angeles as she attended a star-studded event, the Industry Dance Awards & Cancer Benefit Show, where ONJ received a Lifetime Achievement Award and was presented with a donation for the Australian Cancer Wellness & Research Centre.
Speaking to Entertainment Tonight as she posed in a very cool white suit and silver sneakers, ONJ said despite a challenging year, she is feeling healthy.
"I just want everyone to know, I'm here, I'm doing great. I'm doing really well and I'm really healthy," she revealed.
"It was a challenging year because I broke my sacrum and I had to learn to walk again and everything. But I am strong and I am back and I'm feeling good and loving every minute."
ONJ with her Lifetime Achievement Award. Getty
The 70-year-old looked positively glowing on the red carpet. Getty
The star said she was honoured to receive the much-needed donation, which would go towards research and treatment for cancer sufferers.
"It's such an honour, and I am so grateful to receive that amazing check for my cancer wellness centre," Newton-John said.
"That it will help so many people with the programs to support them going through their cancer journey."
And when asked about how she was feeling about her diagnosis, she replied: "Every day is a gift, we don't really know how long our life is. I'm very grateful, and I intend to be here for a long time. I have much to do still."
She rocked the hell out of this awesome suit! Getty
We love the sneakers too! Getty
ONJ also recently opened up about her cancer diagnosis during a sit-down interview with 60 Minutes earlier this month.
Speaking to reporter Liz Hayes, Olivia revealed how "lucky" that she has been through it three times and was "still here".
"I'm living with it," she said. "Every day is a gift now, particularly now."
Earlier this year, rumours circulated that she was close to death, with reports that she closed down with a video to her social media accounts.
And while the diagnosis is in-curable, she believes death is a "long way away".
"When you're given a cancer diagnosis or a scary illness diagnosis, you are suddenly given a possibility of a time limit," she said.
ONJ with her friend Delta Goodrem on the red carpet. Getty
Delta played ONJ in the recent telemovie about the star's life. Getty
The star, who has sold a astonishing 100 million records during her incredible career, is determined not to let statistics get the better of her.
"When you're given a cancer diagnosis or a scary illness diagnosis, you are suddenly given a possibility of a time limit," she told the outlet.
"If you believe the statistics, you're going to make them happen. If somebody tells you, 'you have six months to live', very possibly you will - because you believe that."
"So for me, psychologically, it's better not to have any ideas of what they expect or what the last person that had what you have lived - so I don't tune in, it's just better for me."
While the illness has spread to her bones, the Xanadu actress refuses to see it as a "demon".
"It's something that I'm living with but I don't see it that way," she said. "It's a choice. Everything's a choice."
"I see it as something in my body that I'm getting rid of. I don't talk about a battle or a war. I let it go and tell it to leave and talk to my body and tell it to heal itself."
WATCH BELOW: Olivia Newton John opens up on 60 Minutes about her cancer diagnosis. Story continues after video.
During the interview, Olivia's daughter Chloe revealed her "anger" over hearing that her mum was fighting yet another round of cancer.
In fact, describing herself as her mum's "protector", the 33-year-old follows her mum's lead when speaking about it.
"We don't talk about it," she admitted. "No, we don't need to talk about it."
"If she's having a day where she needs to talk about it, I'm there to listen. I'll never bring it up unless she wants to."
And Olivia has the same sentiment when it comes to her only child.
"I know that she gets affected but she's very strong and she doesn't really show me that," she said.

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