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Drop us out of the sky, we're back in 2000 with Nikki Webster

Seriously, what is life right now?

By Chloe Lal
In a world where musicals have their parade rained on, people get married in the name of good TV and an angry orange man runs one of the biggest nations in the free world... Sometimes it's comforting to look to a simpler time.
We're taking it back to one of the greatest years of all time, 2000.
J.K Rowling gifted us with Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Britney was singing Oops!... I Did It Again and N'Sync were saying Bye Bye Bye.
If you didn't sob over one of the best bromances of all time... Then you my friend are HEARTLESS.
But for anyone living south of the equator...
To the lucky chaps that call Australia home, 2000 was all about the Olympics.
And one little girl became Australia's national treasure.
Of course we're talking about Nikki Webster. Catapulting out of the sky and straight into our hearts the then 13-year-old was the unequivocal star of the 2000 Sydney Olympic opening ceremony.
Fast forward to 2017 and Nikki is 29 years old, married and the proud mother to three-year-old daughter Skylah.
She's kept out of the spotlight but now she has made a welcomed return. And it's taken her to brand-new heights, quite literally.
Thanks to Nikki, every child (and even some adults) ran out to buy jelly flats.
Nikki grew up in front of our eyes...
On Tuesday, February 28, In a live-cross on Sunrise, THE Nikki Webster performed on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge for a Karaoke Climb promotion.
And the nation collectively rejoiced when she belted out her 2001 hit, Strawberry Kisses.
First Nikki was in space...
And she loved it...
And now she's on a new level, jamming on top of the Harbour Bridge.
Sunrise weatherman Sam Mac, who had been missing those strawberry kisses, orchestrated the whole kit and caboodle describing it as “divine intervention."
“My producer told me about Bridge Climb Karaoke and said we had the opportunity to take one special guest up,” he told news.com.au.
“For some unknown reason, presumably divine intervention, I saw a vision of Nikki Webster flying over the bridge with me just behind her dropping a nine-second rap sequence.”
In the face of crazy elements, Nikki and Sam created a modern masterpiece.
These days Nikki is loving life running her own dance studio.
“Some musical collabs are just destiny,” Sam said, “like when Jay Z teamed up with Beyonce or Paula Abdul and MC Skat Kat.”
Fans across the globe (if the globe was just Sunrise's Facebook page) were overwhelmed with the greatness that was bestowed upon their ears.
Some described it as “the comeback of the millennium” and “the best thing to happen so far this year, hands down”.
Too right it is!
The 2001 hit peaked at number two on the ARIA singles and stayed there for a solid seven weeks, and if Sam has anything to say about it, Strawberry Kisses will be making a return to the countdown.
She's also the proud mum to little Skylar, who she shares with hubby Matthew McMah.
“I want to record a slightly updated 2017 version of Strawberry Kisses (featuring a longer rap sequence and unexplained sax solo) and re-release it with Nikki Webster,” he said.
“I am 100 per cent serious about this and it needs to claim it’s rightful spot in next year’s Hottest 100.”
We can already see their names in shiny lights...
MAYBE, just maybe Nikki will the 2017 entry for Eurovision.
We're going to need a bit more than strawberry kisses to resuscitate us from this dream.