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Nicole's surrogacy joy: Twins!

Loved-up couple Nicole and Keith are over the moon – they’re having ?not one but two more babies!
Nicole Kidman has been suspiciously clucky of late and now Woman’s Day can reveal she and Keith are awaiting the arrival of twins via a surrogate!
Keen to stay close to the woman carrying their bundles of joy, Nic is encouraging her mum Janelle to stay with them over the holidays as the family prepares for the additions.
The Paddington star’s recent “baby fever” follows the same pattern as with daughter Faith, 3. Though she didn’t wait long to confirm her pregnancy with Sunday, 6, she tried to keep quiet waiting for their second child.
A week before the birth, Nic couldn’t help but chat about having more children, saying, “We’re hoping for another one!”
“It’s just the most amazing baby news ever,” a close friend of the couple tells us exclusively of this latest development.
“Nic and Keith have wanted more kids for a while now. And to think they could be having twins is a miracle!”
The 47-year-old Oscar-winning actress admits she prayed to conceive but realised she needed some help.
With privacy in mind, the couple turned to the trusted surrogate mum who gave birth to Faith in 2010. Though she couldn’t be their gestational carrier this time, she was vital in helping their dream become a reality by suggesting potential women.
“Nic feels comfortable with the surrogate they eventually chose,” says an insider. “It was a difficult choice but they went with the one who seemed to have the more relaxed personality. They want the pregnancy to be as stress-free as possible for their babies and the woman carrying them.”
The parents are planning to rent out the top floor of the Children’s Hospital near their home in Nashville to ensure privacy for the birth and the surrogate mother’s identity.
As excited as Nicole and Keith are, our source says there won’t be a hint of official confirmation until after everyone is home safe.

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