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Nicole Kidman - pregnant at last!

The stunning Aussie beauty and award-winning actress has announced to the world that she's expecting a baby with her husband, rocker keith Urban.

It's certainly no secret that Nicole Kidman has desperately wanted a biological child of her own for many years and especially since her wedding in June 2006. After much media speculation and pictures of possible 'baby bumps', the happy couple have finally announced that they are expecting their first child in July this year, just after Nicole's 41st birthday.
The Weekly's Editor-in-Chief Deborah Thomas spoke to Nicole at length in an interview for the January issue of the magazine about the joys of motherhood and having children later in life. Read Deborah's blog about the interview here!
Nicole has had her share of ups and downs in her love life over the years with her marriage to Tom Cruise coming to an end after 10 years together (incidentally one of the longest lasting marriages in Hollywood!). But, like the true Aussie battler she is, her career has sky-rocketed and since the days of BMX Bandits, Nicole has forged her way into Hollywood as one of the world's most talented and sought-after actresses of her time.
The Weekly wishes Nicole and Keith all the best with the pregnancy and the baby.

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