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Nicole Kidman's lookalike niece Lucia Hawley celebrates huge personal milestone

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

By Faye Couros
Nicole Kidman's family has some strong genes, and she has passed on her good looks to her gorgeous niece Lucia Hawley.
A new picture of Lucia with her mum Antonia Kidman and stepfather Craig Marran shows off her Nicole-like features in a stunning way.
The 23-year-old shares the same button nose as her aunt as well as Nic's apple-shaped cheekbones and megawatt smile, except when it comes to Nicole's iconic red hair, Lucia has her mum's brunette hue and doe eyes.
The graduate: Lucia Hawley, pictured with mum Antonia Kidman and stepdad Craig Marran, graduated this week with a Bachelor of Arts degree. (Image: Instagram)
Proud mum Antonia Kidman took to social media to pay tribute to her oldest child, who this week graduated from The University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Arts degree.
"Congratulations Lou. A big milestone. We're so proud of you," Nicole's younger sister captioned the commemorative snap, which shows Lucia proudly holding up the parchment beside her proud parents.
Now that she has finished her studies, the world is Lucia's oyster, and according to Woman's Day, she wants to follow in her famous aunt's footsteps.
Three generations at the AACTA Awards. Instagram
Apparently, the graduate wants to launch a career in show business and get involved with her aunt's craft.
"Now Aunty Nic is in town for work, Lucia thinks this could be her moment to launch her own career," an insider explained in September last year when the star was Down Under filming Nine Perfect Strangers.
"Her big dream is modelling but she's keen to try acting as well. She's asked Nic for a part in the show, which is being considered.
"Nic will say yes – she has a soft spot for her niece but also thinks she has talent to burn," added the source.
The world is her oyster. Instagram
It's no surprise Nicole has a soft spot for Lucia, as she is her first-born niece, and they have even appeared together at several A-list events.
Back in 2018, she joined Nicole for the AACTA Awards alongside Nicole's mum Janelle Kidman – which gave fans a rare glimpse of three glorious generations of Kidman women.

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