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Miranda Kerr's mind-blowing sex confession about Evan Spiegel

Miranda Kerr has just made a very surprising revelation about her relationship with fiance Evan Spiegel.

By Melanie Burton
Miranda Kerr has revealed that she and her fiancé, Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel, are waiting until they get married before having sex.
Yep, the 33-year-old model - who shares six-year-old son Flynn with ex-husband Orlando Bloom - admits her "traditional" hubby-to-be wants them to wait until they have tied the knot before getting intimate.
Evan and Miranda attend the Fifth Annual Baby2Baby Gala together in November last year.
Chatting to The Times, Miranda explained: “I don't [use birth control]."
And she’s not planning on having another child anytime soon either… "Not yet. Not until after we get married. My partner is very traditional. We can't... I mean, we're just... waiting."
Despite 26-year-old Evan being the world’s youngest self-made billionaire, Miranda admits she had no idea who he was when they were seated next to one another at a Louis Vuitton dinner in 2014.
"I was like, 'He's cute... but he's way too young to take anything seriously.'"
They reportedly spent the evening “connecting” before Evan suddenly announced he had to leave as he had an important meeting the following morning. They stayed in touch, and their relationship blossomed over the next few months.
She admitted: "It was slow and steady. I was like, 'Is he even interested? But once I let him know I was interested, he was very interested."
Miranda also revealed she is proud of her man and his business, gushing: "He's a private guy. He's very mysterious. And he's very in the moment. And that's exactly what his brand represents."

"I couldn't be more proud of Evan and what he's achieved. He's put his heart and soul into something he really believes in."
While he’s now a respectable entrepreneur who is engaged to a high-profile model, that wasn’t always the case.
In 2014, he was involved in an email scandal during his time at Stanford University, where he was part of the Kappa Sigma chapter – a fraternity with a rather bad record.
WATCH: Evan and Miranda looked loved-up in July 2015... Article continues below!
Evan’s shocking emails were obtained by Valleywag, and reference everything from cocaine, getting girls drunk and urinating on women.
He later issued an apology, which read: "I'm obviously mortified and embarrassed that my idiotic emails during my fraternity days were made public. I have no excuse. I'm sorry I wrote them at the time and I was a jerk to have written them. They in no way reflect who I am today or my views towards women."
He’s sure come a long way from his formative years!

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