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All the wild things Cody Simpson's mum has said about his relationship with Miley Cyrus

''They like to play it up!''

By Anita Lyons
Cody Simpson and Miley Cyrus have been enjoying a whole lotta media attention since they began dating a few months ago.
From sharing racy photographs, Tik Tok videos and even going live on Instagram, the pair have not shied away from sharing their relationship with the world.
The pair is sparking a lot of global interest (with no signs of slowing down) and even the people closest to them are speaking out about their relationship.
Of course, no one knows Cody better than his mother, Angie Simpson, a self-proclaimed "momager" of three, who not only carries out interviews about her eldest son, but even comments and approves of the racy pics he shares with his new girlfriend.
Some would say that Cody and Miley's public display of affection is a little OTT, but not his mum, who seems to have many opinions about it all and all very positive.
Angie Simpson with her eldest son, Cody, in 2017. (Source: Instagram/AngieSimpson)
In a new interview with KIISFM's Kyle and Jackie O on Monday, Angie revealed that her son is enjoying the media attention that comes from being with one of the most famous popstars in the world.
Not only does he enjoy the attention, but the 22-year-old also "plays it up" for the cameras while he is with his girlfriend.
Some would say that posting the outrageously racy pics in front of your mum would be awkward, but not for the Simpsons!
In fact, Angie told the radio co-hosts that it's all "a bit of fun" and that she really doesn't disapprove in the slightest.
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In a particular risqué pic, which has since vanished from Miley and Cody's socials, the Wrecking Ball singer has her hands down Cody's pants (yes, they posted this).
But Angie, who follows her kids accounts religiously, saw no problem with it.
"I even reposted it as I think it's so funny," she said. And, OK then.
"I think that they're doing it for a bit of fun and looking for exactly what the media is saying."
"They're like two peas in a pod. We were just on FaceTime [with] them this morning. They're in Nashville having a bit of a holiday and I just think they like to play it up."
Just a casual pic for the gram... (Source: Instagram/Cody Simpson)
Angie is also quite famous for commenting on her children's Instagram account, including daughter Ali Simpson, and also reposts a lot of their snaps onto her own account.
On one particular pic of her son and Miley she wrote:
"Puts a smile on my dial to see you both so blissfully happy 😃 Hearing your laughs and seeing the smiles on your faces lights up my heart 💫 #happyforyouguys #beautifullsouls @codysimpson @mileycyrus."
Miley also commented on the pic, with nine black hearts, making it look like they are one big happy family!
"Puts a smile on my dial to see you both so blissfully happy." (Source: Instagram/Angie Simpson)
While Cody's high-profile romance is one for the history books, Angie herself has enjoyed some time in the spotlight internationally.
Back in 2015, the children's book author appeared on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alongside regular cast member and friend Yolanda Foster, the mother of model Gigi Hadid, who dated Cody for nearly two years.
At the time, the Gold Coast mum revealed that she "loved" the experience of filming and wouldn't say no to coming back.
"My experience was great and I would be open to filming more but it just wasn't in the cards for this season," she told the Gold Coast Bulletin at the time.
"I had a great time with all the women — they are all strong gorgeous ladies.
"It was a very surreal moment for me to be in all their company.
"I talked to Lisa Vanderpump a lot about the Gold Coast and all the women would love to come visit one day."
Angie on the set of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in 2015. (Source: Bravo)
Of course, being linked to the OG "Housewives" and having some very famous children is exciting, but Angie is still just a proud mum at heart.
After Cody's win on Network Ten's hit show The Masked Singer, she told 9Honey: "I am thrilled to see the reveal last night. Lucky me — I have know for a few weeks but was sworn to secrecy."
"I am so proud of Codes and the humble beautiful soul he is, looking to use his voice for good. Working tirelessly for the United Nations as the ocean advocate global ambassador and trying to clean up the worlds oceans," she told the publication.
"He even makes me try to be a better human, which is a special moment for a parent. This makes me prouder than any success he may have along the way."

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