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Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth reportedly cancel their honeymoon

And apparently Miley’s “erratic” decision making is to blame.

By Elizabeth Best
Apparently, these two just can’t seem to agree on anything.
Miley Cyrus has reportedly pulled the plug on her Bora Bora honeymoon with fiancé Liam Hemsworth.
According to reports from Us Weekly, the 23-year-old singer recently cancelled flights and accommodation the pair had previously booked for the special occasion.
“They had the entire trip planned, but Miley just decided she didn’t want to go there anymore,” an insider explained to the magazine. “They have yet to pick a new locale.”
Miley apparently is having a hard time deciding on anything to do with the wedding.
But it’s not just the honeymoon that's up in the air.
Miley and Liam are apparently at loggerheads over their wedding date and plans as well.
They’d originally planned a small beach wedding in Liam’s home country of Australia, but Miley’s reportedly scratched that plan too.
The Wrecking Ball singer “is still very erratic with her decision-making,” a friend confessed.
They know they want to get married, but Miley and Liam haven't quite sorted out the details yet.
According to the insider, their new plan is to get hitched sometime around autumn, but the date is still yet to be decided.
They’re also said to be clashing on the type of wedding they want.
“Miley is pretty adamant about having a small, private ceremony,” confesses the source. “But Liam wants a really big wedding, so I’m sure they’ll come to a compromise.”
We hope they sort it out soon!
Liam is still sure he wants to wed Miley, though. Check out the actor defending his decision to get back with her in the video below.

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