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Too cute! Michelle Bridges has shared the most adorable throwback pictures from her childhood

Was Michelle a blonde?

By Faye Couros
Michelle Bridges has given her fans a rare glimpse into her childhood by sharing a slew of throwback photos of her family.
Over the weekend, the celebrity trainer celebrated her mum, Maureen Partridge's birthday on Instagram.
The 50-year-old is separated from her mum because of COVID-19, but that didn't stop her from sharing her nostalgic feelings with her fans.

Whilst her first photo was recent picture with Maureen, the last three images in Michelle's post were taken during her childhood.
In one picture, her mum is holding her, and she's rocking a full head of blonde hair, and in another, the former Biggest Loser star looks like her mum's mini-me at a family gathering.
Michelle also posted a portrait of her mum with her son, Axel, and a vintage photo of Maureen and her incredible abs – it clearly runs in the family.
In the caption, the mum-of-one wrote a lengthy and heartfelt message dedicated to her mum.
"Mumma Bear. Happy Birthday to you ❤️.
"I wish I could be with you to hug you and have a laugh and a birthday dinner. We miss you terribly, but soon we will see you and catch up on all things!."
Michelle shared this childhood snap with her grandmother earlier this year. Instagram
In the following passages, Michelle pondered on the joys and sacrifice of motherhood.
"Now I am a mum, I honestly can say WOW! Now I understand how much you made me a priority and did everything you could to give me a wonderful life.
"Thank you mum. I love you. Happy birthday," she finished.
In 2018, Michelle spoke to 9Honey about being raised by a single mother during a time when society ostracised women raising their children alone.
"Back in those days, bosses were really unsupportive of single parents," she told the publication. "Mum's boss would say to her that if she had to leave work to look after sick kids, then she shouldn't bother coming back at all."
"She worked so hard so that we could have as good a life as possible." Instagram
Despite their hardships, Maureen managed to provide for her daughter a life filled with love, and she instilled within her the value of hard work.
"Mum was always super loving and supportive of us," she said. "She worked so hard so that we could have as good a life as possible."
"We were poor, but she always managed to have us looking neat, get us presents on our birthdays and at Christmas, and really taught us the value of working hard and saving for things."

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