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Michelle Bridges amongst Australia’s richest self-made women

Celebrity trainer turned weight loss guru Michelle Bridges’ fitness empire is paying off, with the star raking in an estimated in $53 million a year.

Celebrity trainer turned weight loss guru Michelle Bridges’ fitness empire is paying off, with the star raking in an estimated in $53 million a year.
Michelle, 44, names herself as “Australia’s most influential health & fitness expert” on her website. It seems the super-fit star is not wrong as she has been ranked in the top 30 of BRW’s list of Australia’s richest women, released to coincide with International Women’s Day.
“It’s an absolute thrill and honour,” Michelle told BRW. “I look at the other ladies on the list and just think wow! It’s a privilege to be sitting among them.”
Cate Blanchett also made the list after recently adopting a baby girl with hubby Andrew Upton and came in at number 25 with an estimated $63 million fortune. She was beaten out by supermodel Elle MacPherson at number 22 with an estimated wealth of $71 million and Kylie Minogue at number 18 with earnings of $79 million.
Nicole Kidman is the highest paid of Australia’s female Hollywood exports though, ranking in the top ten of Australia’s self-made rich women, at number six, with an estimated fortune of $331 million.
At the top of the list was the little-known Vicky Teoh who raked in $938 million after co-founding Aussie internet service provider TPG with her husband David. With 700 stores around Australia, Bakers Delight founder Lesley Gillespie made the list with earnings of $75 million. Founder of Boost Juice who now star as one of the “sharks” on Ten’s Shark Tank, Janine Allis is also on the list with earnings of $66 million.
Nutrimetics co-founder Imelda Roche ranked at number 8, Therese Rein, business entrepreneur and wife of former PM Kevin Rudd ranked at number 11 and fashion designer Carla Zampatti came in at number 21 with earnings of $71 million.
As her empire grows, Michelle Bridges is fast catching up to these other iconic Aussie women though.
Left: Michelle Bridges on the promo trail, plugging her latest book. Right: She still trains hard though!
Ranking in the 29th place with an estimated net worth of $53 million, Michelle’s fortune has come from her continually fast-expanding fitness and nutrition empire. This includes branded fitness wear and equipment sold through Big W, a nutritional supplements range with Blackmores vitamins, branded healthy snacks, food and recipes, and of course the phenomenal success of her online program 12 Week Body Transformation.
The trainer is keen to show she’s still true to her down-to-earth roots though. “Seriously, I’m not living in the Bahamas with my own yacht, trust me that ain’t happening,” Michelle said.
“I’m still out there doing the grind, getting out there, hands on, grassroots, keeping it real. We have a great team and it’s all situation normal, with our heads down and butts up.”
In the past year though, after so much success, Michelle says she’s now giving herself permission to relax sometimes.
“Certainly in the past year I’ve dialled it down and pulled it back a little,” Michelle says.
“It’s actually been better for me and the business because it makes me realise when I’ve been chasing my tail. It’s also given me a chance to get my creativity back, which gets lost when I’m eyeball deep on getting it done, getting it done, getting it done.”

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