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EXCLUSIVE: Mel Doyle is back on Sunrise!

The former host enjoys a brekkie TV comeback just weeks after Sam Armytage’s swift exit.

By Woman's Day team
Melissa Doyle's triumphant return to Sunrise eight years after departing the show has had fans, Seven producers and co-hosts 
Natalie Barr and David Koch praising her "mature" and "professional" comeback 
to the network.
And seeing how seamlessly Mel slipped back in with her old team has done little to quash the rumours about tension between recently departed host Samantha Armytage and Nat and Kochie.
"The team absolutely loved having Mel back," a well-placed source tells Woman's Day.
"She was so relaxed – it's 
a place she should feel comfortable considering she paved the way for others who have followed her."
The veteran journalist, 51, returned to the couch she 
once helmed with Kochie, 65, to promote her new podcast, Age Against The Machine, last week, and it wasn't just the producers who 
were thrilled about her return.
"It was clear that Kochie and Nat were very happy to see their friend. They both 
kept saying how 
good it was to see 
her back on the 
show," says 
the source.
"They also both know she's not the 
sort of person 
who would ever undermine them."
Nat and David were thrilled by Mel's shock return to 
the Sunrise set. (Instagram)
The natural chemistry the trio share has also got the network feeling a sense of regret.
"Many of the current and former big bosses admit they may have got it wrong and made a huge mistake all those years ago punting Mel," adds the source.
Mel was famously shafted out of the breakfast TV role in 2013 to make way for Sam, who took over in the same year.
While many fans were overjoyed with seeing Mel on Sunrise again, some couldn't help but notice the timing behind her sudden return.
Sam has swapped the limelight for the slow life. (Instagram)
"Interesting how this is Mel's first appearance on Sunrise since she left years ago? 
Only weeks after Sam left? Coincidence?" one eagle-eyed fan wrote on social media.
And as it turns out, her return was no coincidence.
"Producers were never game to bring Mel back on while Sam was in the seat – it was 
just too awkward considering Mel was axed to make way for her," says our spy.
And yet it seems Mel has had the last laugh, as her career reaches new heights 
while Sam quietly steps away from the TV industry's glitz and glamour.
Talking recently about the change of pace, Sam, 44, says she's enjoying "not knowing what to do" as 
she and husband Richard Lavender adjust to their new life together in the NSW Southern Highlands.
Mel and Kochie during the early days of their co-hosting duties. (Seven)
"It's a different sort of busy but that is so nice. We've been in the garden having a lovely time," she tells.
Despite leaving the network altogether last year, Mel's victorious appearance has producers throwing around "the idea of a possible return", with our TV insider even hinting that a potential new-look current affairs show driven by Seven presenter Michael Usher could see Nat, 53, and Mel teaming up again.
"That's one thing in the pipeline behind closed doors 
at Seven," says the source.
"Everyone is trying to keep very tight-lipped about it."

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