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The one change Meghan Markle has made to her wardrobe since meeting Prince Harry

Is this another tell-tale sign of an impending royal engagement?

By Bettina Tyrrell
She closed down her website Tig, she reportedly won’t be returning to her popular TV series Suits, she’s packing up and relocating to London, so what’s the next tell-tale sign Meghan Markle is to be inducted into the royal family any day now?
Meghan’s hawk-eyed fans and followers have spotted one very obvious change in her sartorial choices with some adamant that she’s adhering to the Queen’s dress-code rules in a bid to impress her future in-laws.
While the American actress is famed for her high-profile relationship with Prince Harry, she’s also admired for her effortlessly chic style. So when Comsmopolitan reported that Meghan hadn’t been seen in her signature (and much admired) wardrobe item – shorts – since her relationship with Prince Harry became serious, the magazine put two and two together and linked Meghan’s style makeover to the Queen’s reported ‘no knees’ rule.
Meghan hasn't been spotted in her signature shorts since starting a relationship with Prince Harry.
Cosmo states that the Queen enforces a strict 'no knees' policy when it comes to royal ensembles and supposedly, she isn’t fond of a bare shoulder either.
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For years it has been widely reported that Duchess Catherine also underwent a style makeover on her journey into the royal family. The Duchess apparently ditched thigh-skimming skirts for below-the-knee tea dresses.
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Meghan has been dating Prince Harry for a year now, and the world is watching her left hand with baited breath.