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Meghan Markle's British accent: why & how it's changed

We have a few thoughts on Meghan's posh new accent.

By Holly Royce
Meghan Markle has undoubtedly made a lot of changes since she married Prince Harry, adopting the title of the Duchess of Sussex for a start - but right now it's the sudden emergence of a new posh accent that has everyone talking.
The first public appearance of the 36-year-old's new British accent was June the 15th when the new Duchess enjoyed her maiden outing with The Queen.
The duo got along famously as, together, they opened the Mersey Gateway Bridge in Cheshire, the Storyhouse Theater in Chester, and attend a lunch at the Chester Town Hall.
During the outing, a video, which can be seen in full below, revealed the new Duchess had adopted a British twang - but the change wasn't a surprise for those in the know.
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Hear Meghan's new accent

Goodbye to the California twang

She was born and raised as a California girl but our Now to Love etiquette expert predicts Meghan will eventually lose her Cali twang and adopt a British accent.
"I think that American accent will definitely be refined. Changing accents takes a long time but you've only got to look at Princess Mary to see how her Australian accent vanished," the founder of the Australian School of Etiquette, Zarife Hardy, points out.
"She'll have to become a little more British and will be in elocution classes as well as history classes to brush up on the rich tapestry of the Royal Family," she adds.
Meghan's first curtsy to The Queen.

Other changes we can expect

Zarife Hardy predicted months ago that the vanishing American accent would just be start.
For Meghan, Zarife says one of the most crucial parts of her royal training will be how she conducts herself in public.
Her best tip for good posture when you're sitting down?
"You have to pretend there is an egg behind your bottom and that's how far you're off the back of a chair so you sit upright," Zarife notes.
We've also seen big changes to Meghan's style, as she adopts a more Royally appropriate wardrobe.
"The royal dress code generally includes dresses below the knee, dresses must have a sleeve. Preferably no black, unless attending a funeral or memorial service," Zarife explains.
"Hats and gloves are also encouraged and they also like a clutch because it helps for better posture."
We're sending our biggest princess curtsy Meghan's way. Becoming a princess can't be easy but she's doing a stellar job!