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Lisa Curry’s husband Mark Tabone has shared a gushing post about how their love changed his life

''Love you Lisa xx.'

By Faye Couros
The trials and errors of love can leave people feeling stifled and unsure about what the future will hold.
This sentiment of uncertainty had been plaguing Elvis impersonator Mark Tabone when he met Lisa Curry through a surprise message from the former Olympian.
The performer took to his Instagram today to pay homage to that time in his life and how Lisa helped transform his world.
Mark posted this sweet throwback picture. Instagram
Mark shared a throwback selfie with Lisa from five years ago, and painted a heartwarming picture about their unique relationship in his caption.
"This was a nice memory 5 years ago but exactly 6 years ago I was in a hole, single and wondering what my future looked like," he began.
"Then out of the blue @lisacurry starts a conversation on messenger and after my fingers were sick of typing, I asked for her phone number and we discovered that we were in the same boat.
"THE REST IS MALI !! Love you Lisa xx," he signed off.
The couple wed in 2015 and they celebrated with two ceremonies. Instagram
Mali is a reference to their wellness retreat, which they both own and is their passion project.
A besotted Lisa commented on her husband's post, "Nawww I love you too my beautiful… 😍 xx."
The duo met in 2015, and it's clear the sparks between them were instant because three years later they tied the knot with not one, but two ceremonies.
One nuptial took place on the Sunshine Coast (featuring a stunning pink dress and some famous faces), and once in Malta.
"We thought it would be fun to take our wedding outfits on our honeymoon." Instagram
"We thought it would be fun to take our wedding outfits on our honeymoon, so we could get some really unusual and fun wedding photos," Lisa told 9honey in 2020.
Lisa continued: "We had photos taken in amazing places including at The Taj Mahal, on the suburban streets of India, at the pyramids in Egypt, on the sand dunes and at the gorgeous hotel in the desert, 200kms from Abu Dhabi on the edge of The Empty Quarter, and in Gozo, Malta where Mark spent his teenage years."

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