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Baby bliss! Home and Away star Mark Furze and wife Laural Barrett welcome their first child after miscarriage heartbreak

Congratulations to the happy couple!

By Alana Mazzoni
Mark Furze and his wife Laural have welcomed their first child together a year after she suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage.
The former Home and Away star shared the happy news on his Instagram, saying their baby girl came into the world just after 7pm on Saturday January 8.
"There's no greater right of passage a human can go through than labour and giving birth.
"The gravity of how unexplainably challenging and profound it is holds a power I didn't know existed," Mark wrote, alongside sweet snaps of Laural and their newborn.

He also revealed the name they chose for their little bundle of joy: "Bursting with love and gratitude, I share with you our daughter, Soma."
The proud new dad went on to say: "I have been blessed with another incredible lady in my life and a new ability to see beauty in this world that I was not ready to discover until now.
"Lollie, thank you for choosing me to partner you on this journey. I'm in awe of you and I promise to be the best husband and father I can be 💕."
Laural also took to social media to beam with pride over their little girl, writing: "Our baby GIRL Soma is here 💞 Born Saturday January 8th at 7.04pm weighing a tiny 2.8kgs.
"It's hard to put in words the past few days, but I'm forever changed from the experience of childbirth and becoming a mother in the best possible way. It's true what they say there's no love like this and we are falling deeper in love by the day."

The new mum confessed that "childbirth is so wild" and struggled to put the experience into words, though she did say she had "the most amazing and challenging experience " with Mark by her side.
She even promised more photos of her new addition soon, writing: "Will share more later but for now we are loving our newborn bubble and staying present with our precious girl, Soma 🌙 🤍💫"
The couple first shared the happy news of their baby-to-be with their followers in June, with Laural uploading a video of herself surprising her beau.
"Some big news. I am pregnant," Laural said in a piece to camera before cutting to a sign she had made for Mark which read: "Welcome home Daddy. Let's try this again. I love you."
Meet baby Soma! (Instagram)
Mark and Laural, who have been together for 10 years and tied the knot in 2015, have been refreshingly candid about their bumpy journey to parenthood.
Last year, the pair endured a heartbreaking miscarriage and candidly spoke about their ordeal on social media.
Mark, who played Ric Dalby on Home and Away between 2004 and 2008, revealed they learned of the miscarriage 10 weeks into Laural's pregnancy.
The couple said they wanted to be open about the experience that one in four women also go through.
"It's difficult to open up and post the hard stuff on social media but it doesn't feel right only posting the good," Laural wrote at the time.
"At my ultrasound we found out the sad news the pregnancy isn't viable and I've had what's called a missed miscarriage where my body still thinks it's pregnant but the foetus hasn't progressed.
"I'm currently at the hospital waiting to have a D&C procedure to help my body along with the process," she added, referring to a dilation and curettage procedure involving tissue removal from inside the uterus.
Laural added that she shared her story publicly as pregnancy loss is something many women experience and she wanted to be open about it rather than remain silent.
"I wanted to share this because it doesn't feel right just pretending this huge life event hasn't happened to us. I want to respect it and be open about it," she wrote.
"Women should feel more comfortable to talk about pregnancy loss and that's another reason I felt compelled to share my story."
Mark and Laural, who have been together for 10 years, have been refreshingly candid about their bumpy journey to parenthood. (Image: Getty)
She also praised her husband for his support in during the difficult time.
"I've had a wonderful support network around me and I couldn't imagine doing this alone.
"Mark has been so incredibly wonderful to me this week, I feel so grateful to have a man like him by my side."
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