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It's Mariah's world, we just live in it! Mimi's biggest diva moments

Miss Mariah’s notorious for her diva antics, but this latest one might be the singer’s most prima donna moment ever!

By Zoe Burrell

When she gave birth to a soundtrack of herself

When you’re married to a self-proclaimed diva, you better expect to witness some cray-cray things. And Mariah Carey's ex-hubby Nick Canon, 36, reckons her most outrageous moments was giving birth to their twins, Moroccan and Monroe, back in 2011.
"She shut the whole hospital down," Nick revealed this week during an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show.
"When they were born, she made me play music as they was coming out. It was [her song] Fantasy. They was dancing to Fantasy."
Well, it is a banger.

When she worked out in this fearless ensemble

Because who needs runners anyway, right?
Indeed, Mariah’s ways were on full display in February when she shared a series of snaps of herself at the gym in six-inch stilettos and fish-net tights! Interesting take on athleisure wear there Mimi.
"I can’t wear flat shoes,” she insists. “My feet repel them.”

When she bought a first class plane ticket... for her dogs

Mariah's pets travel in better style than most of us ever will
In 2016, the star bought two first class tickets for her fur babies from New York to LA, which cost around $2000 per pup.

When she rocked a gown to take her kids to the park

While most mums chuck on whatever’s nearest and cleanest, the 47-year-old is all about full glamour at all times.
Yep, even on park playdates with her five-year-old twins.
But even the Grammy award-winner has to admit that the heels aren’t so great for the swing sets after she captioned this Insty photo: “Sinking into the rubber mats.. lol”

When she wore sunnies indoors and taught us all a valuable lesson on lighting

Mariah’s recent docu-series Mariah’s World treated the world to even more of her entertaining characteristics.
But one of the best?
When she revealed: "I have this rule where I won't be seen in fluorescent lights without sunglasses."
Never change Mimi, never change.