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EXCLUSIVE: How Cheryl Maitland found love after MAFS

The reality star shares her very modern love story.

By NW team
She might not have found her happily ever after on Married at First Sight but Cheryl Maitland has found her Prince Charming!
We were glued to our seats as she was matched with Jonathan and then Jonesy, but as it turned out she didn’t need an expert to help in the first place.
Her former flame Dean Gibbs was waiting in the wings to steal her heart – and that’s exactly what happened when he popped up on her Instagram direct messages.
“He’d seen me on the show and just sent me a really long message, not really expecting anything. Then it just kind of… One thing led to another, I guess,” she tells NW.
“We’re in love! I’m just, like. This is too good to be true!”
NW sat down with the smitten couple to find out all about their fairytale romance…

You two are bloody adorable! How did you guys get together? Tell us everything!
Dean: We actually met about four years ago in Melbourne through some mutual friends. But we lost touch until recently!
Cheryl: Yeah it wasn’t really anything at the time when we first met, but then he’d kind of seen me on the show.
Dean: Thank God for MAFS!
That must have stung, watching her get married and live out not one, but two relationships on TV!
Dean: I was actually happy for her at the time, but we weren’t in a relationship, of course. I know how stunning that girl looks in a white dress, though… Wow!
Cheryl: That’s really lovely, but I would do a completely different kind of dress [for our wedding] – probably not the white dress I wore on MAFS. And I could probably wear heels this time because we’re both tall!
Um, are we talking a wedding soon guys?
Cheryl: Not Just yet, but obviously we wouldn’t be together if we didn’t see a future together…
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