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Did Lisa Wilkinson just accuse an A-list celebrity of stealing her Instagram photo? Well, kind of

If you're confused, join the club.

By Maddison Leach
Lisa Wilkinson has just accused (checks notes) Khloe Kardashian of stealing her Instagram photo, and we're so confused.
The Project host took to her Instagram Stories on Tuesday night to share a screenshot of a DM she received about the offending snap.
A fan had reached out to share the pic that Khloe posted on her story, alongside a message to Lisa that read: "Is this your photo on Khloe Kardashian's story?"
Lisa Wilkinson shared a screenshot of the DM she received about the offending photo. Instagram
What was so captivating that Khloe wanted to post it to her own social pages? Was is a stunning Aussie sunset, maybe a selfie of Lisa even?
Nope, it was a bunch of fruit at what looked like an outdoor market.
Lisa tagged Khloe in her Instagram Story and wrote: "Yes this is definitely my photo! Blown up and with no credit???"
We have to wonder why Khloe Kardashian of all people chose to post a random photo Lisa snapped of fruit, but it's actually not that unusual for her.
The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star regularly shares 'aesthetic' photos to her page, saving them all in a series of Instagram Story highlights under that name.
Photos include snaps like Lisa's, as well as shots of flowers, animals, and other cute subjects.
Though Khloe doesn't include photo credits for any of the snaps, it's clear that most of the photos are reposted from other people and not Khloe's own pictures.
As for Lisa, this isn't the first time a celebrity has reposted her photos.
In fact, the exact same fruit snap Khloe shared has been picked up by another star in the past: Gwyneth Paltrow (kind of).
The actress' lifestyle brand Goop reached out to Lisa about a month ago asking for permission to share the photo to their own channels.

What makes this photo so special? Well, Lisa snapped it at a stunning roadside fruit stall in Positano, on the Amalfi coast in Italy.
With so many people around the world missing international travel, we can see why the colourful holiday snap is inspiring wanderlust.
As for Khloe, she hasn't responded to Lisa's Instagram Story about the stolen photo and we don't think she will any time soon.