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REVEALED: How Home and Away's Isabel Lucas is healing Liam Hemsworth's heart

Following his split from Miley Cyrus, the heartbroken Hemsworth is leaning on a fellow Aussie star.

For Liam Hemsworth, the writing was on the wall for his marriage when his wife Miley Cyrus did the one thing she promised him she'd never do – go back to her headline-grabbing, wild-child ways.
Woman's Day understands the couple quietly separated in July, just seven months after getting married, with Liam retreating to Byron Bay to seek comfort in his brother Chris and his family, and to reflect on the split and heal his emotional pain.
"Liam has loved Miley deeply for the past 10 years or more, and to finally come to the realisation that she was never going to settle down with him properly was brutal," an insider tells Woman's Day exclusively. "As she got more and more impetuous, he knew it was over, as much as it killed him inside."
Isabel is close to both Hemsworth brothers. Image: Media Mode
The former Home and Away actress is giving Liam plenty of support. Image: Media Mode
Insiders say the last thing Liam expected was for Miley to publicly move on so quickly – and with a woman. But just hours after the couple announced their decision to separate, pictures surfaced of her kissing US reality TV star Kaitlynn Carter.
As heartbroken Liam, 29, now comes to terms with the end of his marriage, thankfully, he is surrounding himself with his hometown favourites, including pretty former Home And Away star Isabel Lucas.
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Good friends

Sources say single Isabel, 34, who dated Liam's older brother Chris in the early 2000s while they co-starred on the hit Seven show, has offered her shoulder for him to cry on.
"Liam's in Byron staying with Chris. Isabel moves in the same social circles up there, and they've spent some time together," another insider reveals.
"They've become quite good friends. She's there to take his mind off things and she's been an excellent person to turn to for advice. She's in Europe at the moment and feels bad she's jetted out during the worst of it for Liam, but even so, she's been keeping in touch via text."
Now sources close to the Hemsworth clan say everyone has their fingers crossed that Liam's friendship with Isabel turns into something more.
Could there be a spark between Liam (left) and Isabel (right)? Images: Getty
"Liam is absolutely the marrying type, it's just a shame he fell in love with Miley, who definitely wasn't," adds our source.
"Liam's parents [Leonie and Craig], would love to see him settle down with someone who's more on the same page as him – an Aussie who loves the ocean, is a bit more mature and socially aware. Isabel ticks a lot of those boxes."
Chris and Isabel pictured together during their romance in 2006. Image: Getty
However, sources reveal Miley isn't planning on filing for divorce soon, suggesting the couple are just "having a break" while they work out if their relationship is completely over. But the Hemsworths are hoping Liam will move on – and pursue things with Isabel.
While some insiders point out it could be awkward given 36-year-old Chris' history with Isabel, our source says it's barely an afterthought for the Hemsworths.
"Chris would be thrilled if Liam dated someone as lovely as Isabel," says the insider.

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