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Kylie Minogue tears up about her past love Michael Hutchence and new love, Joshua Sasse

Kylie Minogue let down all her walls in one of her most candid interviews to date.

By Chloe Lal
The pop singer sat down with BBC’s Desert Island Discs radio show, where they explain their life through eight tracks they would take to a desert island.
Kylie chatted about everything from her life including her stellar 30 year career, her battle with cancer and finding love.
One of the most defining times in the 47-year-old’s life was her romance with the late INXS frontman, Michael Hutchence.
“It’s getting me very emotional,” she admitted as she began to talk about falling in love with him.
The pair dated between 1989 and 1991, with Kylie picking the INXS classic,Need You Tonight as one of her desert island choices on the show.
"I met a new person and I fell in love. Yes, he was this wild guy, he was the rocker, he was all of that. But I'm always at pains to say, he was Byron-esque, he was poetic, he was cultured and hilarious and tender, he was all of these other things,” she gushed
"I don’t know what it was like for other women in his life but my love for him remains," the singer has said of her one-time boyfriend, the late INXS rocker Michael Hutchence, who tragically died in 1997.
"I guess, I was at the perfect age, I was 21 years old, to get the butterfly wings and go out into the world and we collided at that time and I guess he just fast-tracked some of it. Anyway, it was a glorious time. I loved it."
The starlet reminisced about the early times in their relationship, and her career.
“Professionally, he was so supportive. Someone called me the 'singing budgie' in Australia as a knock," she recalled.
"So I did this warm-up gig and we said. 'It's the singing budgie, take that, own it and go out'.
"We did this little gig and I was so inexperienced at doing live performance. I feel my career is backwards. I started successful then I had to learn everything in front of everyone.
"I mean he was uber, uber famous. He's an icon already. And he was in the middle of the audience, just gazing up at me, and just willing me, willing me with all of his heart and his love to do well, and he believed in me.
"And it was at a time when so many people didn't."
Kylie also took a moment on the show to talk about how in love she is with her current partner, 28-year-old Jason Sasse, who chose one of her allotted eight tracks without her knowledge.
“I would like to have a surprise from Josh,” she explained to presenter Kirsty Young. “I don’t know what he has done, but I figured if I was a castaway on an island, I would like to know what someone else thought, particularly my love.”
Kylie is seriously smitten with 27-year-old actor Joshua Sasse.
Her beau read an intimate verse from the poem As I Look Up, written by Jason’s father, Dominic Sasse.
The sensual words included:
“I would bend to press my eager face into your neck, where the secret flesh is furred like peaches behind a curtain of caramel scented curls. Without asking, I would pull you down with my devoted hands to express, my fluent tongue to endear. We would smear our mouths with ardent kisses and cry aloud from loving, as we lay beneath the arches of that careless wanton day.”
The 47-year-old was overwhelmed upon hearing Jason’s words, admitting she was “a mess”.
“I think I stopped breathing for half of that. Breathe Minogue!” she laughed.
As she wrapped up the interview, Kylie hinted that children could be on the cards.
"I want more out life. Who knows if family is one of my horizons, but if that were to happen that would be incredible.”
You can listen to Kylie’s full interview here

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