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Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan reunite on stage and send fans into a frenzy

The former co-stars delivered some major nostalgia.

By Jess Pullar
There's nothing like a good throwback to remind you of the good old days, and Kylie Minogue has well and truly delivered.
While performing at the Radio 2 gig in London on Sunday evening, Kylie brought her former Neighbours co-star and long-time pal Jason Donovan on-stage for a performance that sent the crowd wild.
Kylie teased the audience to start with, starting the pair's legendary duet 'Especially For You' alone. But after the second chorus, the Aussie singer-songstress heaved a heavy sigh and said "I need a dance partner."
Like clockwork, Donovan then appeared on stage, lifting Kylie up and spinning her around before finishing the song with her.
The pair also played up their iconic moments from the 80s, with a re-enactment of Donovan standing with his arms around Kylie's waist and swaying back and forth – the perfect tribute to their 1988 Top of the Tops performance.
Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan were an iconic coupling in the 1980s.
The two 50-year-olds are former flames, having struck up a romance following their on-screen relationship in Neighbours. In 2012, Donovan opened up on his TV show Life Stories, saying they "cemented" their relationship in a Sydney Travelodge.
He said Kylie was his first love and there was "a lot of chemistry" between them, but he knew the relationship would eventually come to an end as Kylie's career gained momentum.
"I could see her slipping away. We argued a lot about her wanting to go off and do other things," he said.
Since their split, previous reunions between the two have been few and far between, with a performance in 2012 being the first they had done together in 23 years.
Given their rarity, fans were ecstatic to see Kylie and Jason serenade each other on-stage at the Radio 2 concert this week, with many taking to Twitter to express their excitement.
One fan wrote: 'Oh my goodness. Can't believe I'm crying at seeing #Kylie & #Jason together dancing to Especially for You. #R2HydePark'.
Another fan wrote: "Kylie and Jason just reunited and that feels like the end credits for our entire generation. #R2HydePark".
The pair are still good friends today.
Donovan wasn't Kylie's only surprise of the night. She was also joined on-stage by Rick Astley, with the two duetting his hit single 'Never Gonna Give You Up'.
Rick and Kylie are known pals, with the English singer songwriter surprising Kylie on her 50th birthday earlier this year. Kylie took to Twitter to express her thanks at the time, writing: Yep. That happened!! @rickastley. One of the many surprises for my birthday. Thank you!!! 🎈
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