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WATCH: Kit Harington judges Jon Snow impersonations

And it involves a Pantene bottle.

Games of Thrones fans and Jimmy Kimmel viewers have been treated to this hilarious footage on The Jimmy Kimmel Show which is now doing the rounds on the internet.
Three Jon Snow impersonator's have delivered their best impressions of the brooding Northener, and not for Jimmy to judge, but Kit Harington himself.
The man behind the sexiest Game of Thrones character (this is open for debate, of course) chuckled along with Jimmy and the audience as three men did their best to impersonate Snow.
But the real kicker was the fact the lines they delivered weren't from a Game of Thrones script, but from random items in their home.
This included a Frosted Flakes box, a real estate pamphlet and a Pantene bottle.
Stop everything and watch this immediately. You are welcome.

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