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How Kim Kardashian’s life will change after terrifying Paris robbery

The selfie Queen is expected to dial back many aspects of her very public life as a result of the life-threatening attack.

By Katie Skelly
Kim Kardashian has stepped out in New York City with her family for the very first time since returning to the US after after a terrifying armed robbery in Paris.
The Keeping up with the Kardashians star was pictured leaving her Manhattan apartment before hopping into a secure vehicle, presumably headed to the airport so that the star could finally begin to recover from the comfort of her Calabasas home in Los Angeles.
Instead of high heels and her usually glamorous uniform, the mother-of-two opted for a white hoodie over a cap that covered her face, jeans and casual sneakers.
The star carried her three-year-old daughter, North, while hubby Kanye followed closely cradling their son Saint.
Up until right now, Kim Kardashian’s lavish life has, for the most part, been high on display.
From her reality TV show, her carefully curated Instagram and her candid Snapchat account, there aren’t many aspects of the star’s life that the world doesn’t see on a daily basis.
But after Kim was bound, robbed and held at gunpoint in Paris on Monday, the high-profile family has no doubt made the decision that something needs to change in their life, and according to a close source, a lot will.
An insider revealed to People that the 35-year-old will be indefinitely “cutting down on all public appearances for the time being."
The star arrived back in the New York hours after the terrifying ordeal.
“This scared everyone,” says the source. “They’re not taking chances... It was a really scary situation for the entire family and it’s just not worth it to put themselves out there unnecessarily right now.”
A second insider revealed that the mother-of-two will be upping her security measures significantly.
“[She will have] a much heavier security team,” they said. “There will be a focus on security personnel who aren’t in traditional clothing. There will be a lot more undercover security.”
WATCH: The Kardashian's have expressed safety concerns in the past... Post continues...
At least we’ll still have selfies, right? Wrong.
Along with public appearances and events, Kim is also expected to tone down her presence on social media, where she boasts over 132 million followers over both Twitter and Instagram.
In the hours leading up to the ordeal, Kim had posted a slew of snaps showing off her glittering jewels; a display which we will assumedly see no more of.
“When something like this happens everything changes,” says the source. “Everything will change. It changes the whole family - how and where they travel.”
“[Kim] will reassess traveling for work and feeling safe,” adds the source.
Insiders also speculate her beloved children North and Saint will no longer appear as frequently on her social channels.
Kim flaunted her stolen jewels on Instagram just hours before the ordeal.
Kim’s terrifying robbery took place in the early hours of Monday morning. Between 2:30am and 3:00am, five masked men dressed as police forced their way into her No Address Hotel room.
The reality star was then bound, gagged, locked in her bathroom and held at gunpoint while the thieves made off with two mobile phones and an estimated $USD14 million worth of jewellery which included a $USD5 million ring.
Reports claim that the robbers entered the hotel, which is so exclusive that the website is locked with a passcode, through the service lift.
Kim felt safe without her bodyguard at the No Address Hotel, who accompanied sister Kourtney on a night out when the attack occurred.
CCTV footage captured the thieves in their push bike getaway.
The overnight doorman was handcuffed by gang before they demanded he lead them to the star’s room.
After letting them into the apartment, TMZ reports that he remained inside the “whole time."
Kim, traumatised by the events then allegedly asked the concierge, “Are we gonna die?” to which he calmly replied, “I don't know."
Once the robbers had what they came for, which included Kim’s 20 carat Lorraine Schwartz engagement ring, they left the handcuffed staff member in the hotel lobby, which is where police later found him.
Up until now, details of the criminals responsible for the scarring ordeal have remained unknown, but that was until a single CCTV camera facing a mirror that reflected their stealthy getaway caught their faces, The Sun reports
Kim will significantly reduce her public presence.
Detectives have seized footage captured from a nearby nail salon that by a “million-to-one” chance, happened to catch the gang in the act.
From a second camera in the beauty shop, police were able to decipher that the armed attackers then fled through an unlocked back door into retail centre, Marche De La Madeleine, situated just behind the exclusive Hotel de Pourtales where Kim was staying.
The men then exited through a carpark on push bikes, where they passed a sleeping guard who confesses that he saw or heard nothing of their movements.
Police are yet to release images of the men, however they did seize cigarette butts from the area for DNA testing.
Watch the moment Kanye stopped his show to rush back to Kim after the robbery in the video below. Post continues...
Kim is now back in the US with her children and rapper husband. A source close to the brunette beauty told People, “Kim is still upset and things are not even close to being back to normal.
“She has no plans to work in the near future. She just wants to stay home with her kids.”
Whether or not this means the end of the hugely popular Keeping Up With The Kardashians franchise remained to be seen.
The insider continued: “She realises that she has lived in a bubble. She could have never imagined being robbed like this. She is now more worried than ever about protecting the kids. She doesn’t want to let them out of sight.”
Kanye West, who found out about the invasion while performing onstage during the Meadows Music & Arts Festival, is said to be angry and looking for someone to blame.
Kim is worried for the safety of her family.

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