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Kerri-Anne Kennerley’s “soul-destroying” confession

The 62-year-old says John’s accident has been harder to deal with than her 2012 breast cancer diagnosis.

Following her husband’s life-threatening fall earlier this year, Kerri-Anne Kennerley reveals that her 2012 breast cancer diagnosis was easier to endure than John’s tragic accident.
“I got breast cancer ... but I handled that much better than John has this,” The Daily Telegraph reports.
“This has been soul-destroying with John because I was lucky in a sense to get it early... and got better. This with John is never going to get any better. It will always be this way.”
Yet amid the heart-breaking circumstances of John’s spinal cord injury, Kerri-Anne continues to remain strong.
“At the same time, you’ve just got to just get on with it.”
Kerri-Anne has been a beacon of strength since that fateful day in mid-March – so much so, she still struggles to leave his bedside.
Her most recent confession comes with news that the former Middays and Mornings host jetted to the US on a special assignment to interview one of her favourite singers: Aussie singer, Rick Springfield.
Despite being weighed down with “guilt”, the 62-year-old got her 75-year-old husband’s blessing for the trip.
Although, Kerri-Anne has left John in loving and very capable hands; the couple’s niece, Zara, has been trusted with the task of seeing John’s round-the-clock needs, including daily visits and meal-planning.
Our thoughts are with you John, Kerri-Anne and Zara.

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