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Kerri-Anne Kennerley on her new crusade and caring for John

Kerri-Anne has teamed up with Woman’s Day to guest edit our Caring for Carers issue, honouring carers across the country. Here, she tells us why it's so important that we celebrate the work they do.

Caring is so much more than looking after someone. It’s about deep love and affection, as your every moment is devoted to making sure someone else is happy, comfortable and not in any distress.
WATCH: Kerri-Anne talks exclusively to Woman's Day about the importance of carers in the video above.
In the months that have followed since John fell from a balcony and was rendered unable to move, eat or breathe without help, I have felt exhausted, frustrated and at times overwhelmed with grief.
Over and above the personal care are all the other life home duties a carer has to take on. I’ve been lucky that John was in charge of all the homey stuff before, so I could get on with being a presenter – it has been a sharp learning curve!
WATCH: KAK talks about the Woman's Day Carers issue, which she guest edited. Post continues after the video...
John with his beloved golden retriever, Digger.
It’s made me realise our great country would come to a grinding halt if it wasn’t for the ongoing dedication of the people giving their time and love to help others.
As a nation, we cannot afford to be without them.
After John's fall, Kerri-Anne refused to leave his hospital bedside.
For the full version of KAK’s very personal account, as well as inspiring stories from more unsung heroes, pick up the current issue of Woman’s Day, on sale now.
If you have an inspirational carer you'd like to thank do it in person, jump onto carersweek.com.au/make-a-pledge, leave a comment on Facebook/WomansDayAUS or post a message of thanks on Twitter or Instagram tagging @womansdayaus

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