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Kate Ritchie shares a beautiful series of snaps from her day with 6-year-old daughter Mae

''Just grateful.''

By Jess Pullar
Kate Ritchie keeps her private life exactly that - private - as much as possible.
But sometimes, she gives fans an insight into her life with 6-year-old daughter Mae - and the clear bond they share is just the beginning of how special these snippets are.
This week, the former Home & Away actress took to her Instagram page to share her summery day with Mae.
In the first post, Kate shared a picture of a house they visited in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales.
In a second clip, her daughter Mae is seen jumping on a trampoline, with Kate captioning the post, "So much joy 💗💗💗"

In a gorgeous third snap, Mae holds a pile of sizeable lemons close to her face.
"Lemons Lemons Lemons," Kate wrote, adding two hashtags: "#toobigtoholdmummy #curdtocome".
Mae is seen holding some lemons in a beautiful snap shared by Kate. (Instagram)
And in the final picture, both Kate and Mae are seen embracing in the sunshine.
"#nofilter and hate to be that person but just #grateful," Kate captioned the special snap.
Kate and Mae's special bond is clearer than ever. (Instagram)
Kate's followers shared words of admiration and support in the comments section, with one writing: "No, be that person. There's nothing wrong with cherishing."
Another wrote: "Oh I'm that person too and for the same reason."
"There is nothing better than a hug from your child. Its unconditional love," added a fan.
Kate's snaps with little Mae come few and far between, but when she shares them, they're all the more special. (Instagram)
Kate recently shared a sweet insight shortly before Christmas with The Weekly, telling us how she and her daughter would spend the day.
"Seeing the simple pleasures and joys of Christmas though your children's eyes is magical," she says.
And that included the annual Christmas concert – which is put on by Mae and her six cousins, but previously a role held by Kate when she was Mae's age.
"I was the bossy eldest of four and I would direct and produce our Christmas concerts," Kate said.
"If my younger siblings didn't do as they were told I would get them to sign a Christmas contract. That's what happens when you've been working in the industry since you were eight years old!"
Mae is already taking after Kate! (Instagram)
The NSW-based actress said she was counting her blessings, especially after the last 12 months.
"If anything good has come, it's that we've reassessed our priorities and part of that has been reconnecting with family and a reinvigorated sense of community," she said.
And 2021 is off to a good start for Kate, it looks like she truly is embracing those moments with those closest to her.

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