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Kate Moss gets in a brawl with a partygoer

There's nothing more chic than a battle of fisticuffs...

By Zoe Burrell
Is gladiator the new vogue?
Kate Moss goes ultimate Kate Moss after reports revealed she was involved in a drunken altercation at a charity fashion show on May 21.
The supermodel, 43, was walking the catwalk for the Fashion for Relief show at the Cannes Film Festival but things took a sour turn when a heated row broke out between herself and a partygoer.
An onlooker told The Sun, "It was the early hours of the morning and Kate was really letting rip… One of the girls came up to her and started squaring up, she didn't like it one bit.
"She was downing bottles of wine and throwing the flower arrangements around."

Thankfully, singer Mary J Blige was nearby to break up the catfight.
"It was about to get physical before Mary stepped in," the source revealed.
The R'n'B legend acted as peacemaker by pulling Kate and the partygoer apart.
But you're Kate Moss, you get what you want with her rival being escorted out of the party.
Back to model behaviour, the fashion icon threw a few a back and partied the rest of the night away with her pals.
Earlier in the evening she strutted her stuff on the runway with fellow supermodel Naomi Campbell, 47, and has been spotted living it up on a yacht.
We hope it's all smooth sailing from here on out.

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