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June Dally-Watkins’ guide to modern etiquette

The undisputed Queen of Deportment in Australia gives us her say on fashion, makeup and mobile phone manners.

She was the undisputed Queen of Etiquette in Australia.
June Dally-Watkins was our first supermodel, opened Australia’s first modelling agency, and taught a generation all about deportment and manners.
The October issue of The Australian Women’s Weekly (out Thursday) features an exclusive insight into Miss Dally’s new venture, as she charms a new generation of Chinese students eager for her guidance.
Here are her tips to navigate modern etiquette:
MOBILE PHONES: “I am appalled by how people are not communicating with each other because they are always on their phone. It is a great shame for your brain because it should be your brain that is exercised, not your finger. My brain is my neck-top computer. I refuse to have a mobile phone.”
MAKE-UP: “I think it is disgusting when I see young women with a mirror on the train or bus, putting on their make-up. It is such a personal thing, they should be up earlier to do this.”
FASHION: “Fashion comes and goes every year – but I keep my own style. I like to wear a black skirt and a different jacket each day, with jewellery matching the jacket. I have them made by a friend of mine in Shenzhen, China.”
For the full story of Miss Dally’s amazing life and Chinese adventure, the new October issue of The Australian women’s Weekly is on sale now.

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